Name:                                                                                        Project Advisor:

Summer Technology Institute Project Rubric

Project Description


Intended outcomes

Methodology and Timeline





• Provides reader with clear and succinct overview of project

• Rationale justifies why project is important and educationally significant

• Clearly stated goals

• Measurable outcomes related to ISTE NETS1 for Teachers and/or Students and MLR2 (if applicable)

• Detailed description of methodology

• Process is linked to intended outcomes

• Barriers and resources are addressed

• Clearly related to intended outcomes

• Includes

Evaluations tools (rubrics, checklists, etc.) used to evaluate project

• Draws insightful conclusions about educational significance and personal growth

In Need of


• Run-on and confusing

• Does not clearly describe project

• Misses the point

• Fails to be convincing or lacks educational significance

• Goals are unclear or vague

• Goals are not measurable or unrelated to appropriate standards

• Methodology is sketchy on details

• Barriers and/or resources not sufficiently addressed

• Unrelated to intended outcomes

• Does not include evaluations tools (rubrics, checklists, etc.) used to evaluate project

• Lacks insight about educational significance and personal growth

1 International Society for Technology in Education’s National Educational Technology Standards

2 Maine State Learning Results


Your project should serve the larger learning goals that you have for your students. The proposed project should use technology as a learning tool, not as the end goal. For example, your project should not be simply "Learn how to use Moodle." The proposal should be between 1- 3 pages.

The plan you (or your leader) posts on the strand Moodle on the last day should be do-able for you and your students, given your (new) expertise, the students' needs and the technology available.  During the fall you will implement and refine what you learned during the Institute.  

You should provide monthly progress updates to your strand leaders and a final report by the end of November.

The November Final Report should be posted on your Strand Moodle and address these points:

The report should be detailed enough to enable others to understand your team / individual plan. It should summarize the highlights and may even provide examples of lessons or exhibits of student work. There isn't any required length or limit as long as all the major points are covered.

        REMEMBER: The Summer Technology Institute and its follow-up are designed to encourage and help you improve instruction for your students. Do what works towards these goals.

CEU folks should turn in a project plan but they do not need to provide monthly updates or send in a final report.