You can create many different types of assessments in your Blackboard course. Two of the most frequently used assessment tools include tests and surveys, which are used to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. You can create tests and surveys and then deploy them in a course area. The difference between tests and surveys is test questions have points assigned to them for grading evaluation, whereas surveys do not.

To create a test from a pool:

  1. Click Course Tools on the Control Panel.
  1. Select Tests, Surveys, and Pools on the expanded menu.

  1. Click the Tests link on the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page.
  2. Click the Build Test button.

  3. Assign the test name, along with a description and instructions, as needed. Hit Submit to continue to the Test Canvas.
  4. On the Test Canvas page, click the Creation Settings button. This allows you to designate default options to apply to all questions within the test, such as default point value, the ability to attach images and files to questions and answers, partial- and extra credit options, and randomization.

When options are set, click Submit to save changes and return to the Pool Canvas.

  1. Hover over the Reuse Question button, and then click on Find Questions.

    Further options under Reuse Question include: Create
    Question Set and Create Random Block. A Question Set is a collection of questions retrieved from selected tests and pools. From this set, you specify which questions to display to each student. When using a random block, the system will randomly pull a set number of questions from the pool for each attempt, creating unique exams for all users.

  1. Questions that are available to be reused are organized by Criteria listed in the left frame on the page. Click on the Pools drop-down arrows to search for questions in your pools.  

    Note: To reuse a question that is contained in another test, click the Tests drop-down menu to search for questions contained in other tests.  You can also choose to search for questions by type, category, topic, level of difficulty and keyword.

  1. As criteria are selected from the Browse Criteria section, the questions are displayed in a table. The selected criteria are displayed above the table in a list as a reference.

  1. Select the appropriate questions from the Criteria Summary table.  Select questions individually or click the Select All checkbox to select all questions within the pool.

  2. Decide if the questions should be copied from one test to another or if there should be a link added to a question from one test for use in another. The difference is that if a linked question is changed, those changes are reflected everywhere that there is a link to that question.  Copied questions can be edited in the new test without affecting the question in the source test or pool.

To copy questions:

  • Select Copy selected questions.
  • Select questions from the Criteria Summary table.

To add a link:

  • Select Link to selected questions.
  • Select questions from the Criteria Summary table.

  1. Click Submit when you have finished selecting questions. This will take you back to the Test Canvas page.  The selected questions will be displayed.