Workshop: The Closed Phase Moodle ISU 2


During the Closed Phase the calculated grades will be pushed to the gradebook.  Students will also be able to see their submissions, their assessments and the published submissions.

There are many options in creating a workshop.  If you have any questions about the workshop please contact the ITRC for additional assistance.

This guide will help you to:

You will want to see the additional Workshop guides for more information about each phase:

Move to the Closed Phase

In the Closed Phase, all the grades will be pushed to the gradebook.  Students will also be able to view their submissions and any submissions that were published in the Grading Evaluation Phase.

  1. Click on the Light Bulb icon beneath the Closed Phase option.

  1. Click the Continue button

Note: While it is possible to override grades in the Closed Phase, you will need to move back to the Grading Evaluation Phase in order to recalculate the grades and then back to the Closed Phase to push the grades to the gradebook.

It is possible to move to any other phase by clicking on the lightbulb icon underneath the phase.

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