This directory contains the following files:

Lawsuit_miscmotions: Miscellaneous motions through 3 September 2010; the most recent motion concerns settlement negotiations

Lawsuit_complaint: The initial complaint filed by Lindsay, including as exhibits: Board bylaws, Lindsay’s contract.

Lawsuit_defense:  Response by Shimer College (and request to file longer-than-usual response)

The response also contains numerous exhibits.  Exhibit A is the complaint in its entirety.  The remaining exhibits are posted as separate files:


Lawsuit_nelson: Affidavit by Christopher Nelson

Lawsuit_farina: Affidavit by Phil Farina

Lawsuit_dave: Affidavit by David Shiner

Lawsuit_dan: Affidavit by Daniel Shiner

Lawsuit_albert: Affidavit by Albert Fernandez

Lawsuit_coi: Shimer’s Conflict of Interest policy

Lawsuit_excomm: April statement by the Executive Committee of the Board