Ivana - Susannah

Good cop - Tanya

Bad cop - Jane

Doctor - Holly

Nurse - Sophia

Creepy Chocolate Guy in Hospital Room - Lisa  

Flashback Characters (3) - Rachel, re-use others

Scene 1 (decorating/being attacked) - 30 seconds

“I’m here at the house; I think you’re making a big mistake hanging this here. And the chocolate wallpaper is all wrong..” (on phone)

Looks behind painting, shocked

Rag over face, passes out

Black out

Music: Happy flute while decorating, creepy strings during attack, crazier strings as she passes out

Location: A room with a painting - blue living room

Props: Painting (have that), little kid crayons to write on wall (get from CVS), rag, cellphone

Scene 2 (brain drilling!) - 20 seconds

Fades in on doctors leaning over, kind of blurry at first

Doctors: “You’re making a big mistake using that size drill bit.” (Someone eating chocolate.)


Doctors grabbed

Black out

Music: Really creepy - kalimba, more frantic strings, drill sounds; same abrupt stop as scene 1

Location: Blue living room (but super close-up)

Props: Drill, surgical masks (have one, get one at CVS), lab coat, nurse costume, safety goggles (doctor puts on before drilling)

Scene 3 (start of interrogation) - 15 seconds waking up, 30 seconds talking, 30 seconds back and forth interrogation

Waking up gradually, in interrogation booth, looks around

Meanwhile, they’re talking outside the room - establish aphasia

Then they come in to interrogate (singing) - good cop, bad cop

(include chocolate)

Music: Happy flute song switched to bass flute, dissonant, creepy while she wakes up; singing starts on interrogation

Interrogator Dialog

TP: What do we have today?

JA: [Opens file] [slightly bored] Subject number 6266068, Unmutual non-compliant female unilateral left hemisphere aphasic lesion Verbal communication compromised, sole remaining audible expression mode appears to be harmonic

TP: What does that even mean?

JA: According to these notes subject can only communicate by [slight disbelief] singing

TP: Singing?

JA: Singing

They both shrug and then walk in

Location: Basement (also door with window upstairs)

Props: Mike’s dorm chair, handcuffs, folding table

Scene 4 (interrogation/flashbacks) - each is 15 interrogation, 30 flashback -> 2 min, 15 seconds total

Name Ideas: Jacqueline, Emily, Veronica, Vanessa, Robin

Interrogator Song

Interrogator intro

JA: Ms. Wright (Em Em+G)

SP: That’s right

TP: Ms. Wright we’d like to know

Ms. Wright what you do you know

Ms. Wright what you do you know

about los locos manos?

JA: And you’d better tell us! (A5 G5 E5)

SP: I don’t know. Will you let me go

JA: We know you know (Am)

TP(Spoken): Tell us about Vanessa Brooks

Flashback 1 song

C Am F G ¾ sing songy

Vanessa Brooks by the looks of her house, needed my help desperately

Her house was Victorian, her car a delorian, no internal consistency

Her kitchen Art Deco, she’d never let go, of her outdated taste

her style and aesthetic, they were quite pathetic, until I put them in their place

Interrogation #2

TP: Ms Wright, Ms. Wright, we’re trying to help you  Why don’t you tell us, why don’t you tell us the truth

SP: The truth, is what I’m telling you. Don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me

JA: Give me a break.  You’re making a big mistake

TP:she's right.  No need to put up a fight

JA (Spoken): We need to know about your relationship with Amanda Flores.

Flashback #2

2/4 - CGCG - FCFC (slow, please.)


She travelled all around the world;


She was an advent’rous girl


Collected quite rare artifacts;


Like Roman masks and antique maps

F                                   Am

But she didn’t have anywhere to put ‘em

F                                  Am

She lacked the proper space

F                                   Am

She tried to hang them up but couldn’t


So she called me to her place

((Instrumental: Am and C and a creepy run! Creepy! Get creepy! For ten seconds!))

Part 3 Interrogation:

Jane: Ms. Wright, Ms. Wright, I’m getting weary, this is gettin’ old.

Tanya: We have just one more query, if I may be so bold.

Susannah: I’ve told you all I know; I’ve got nothing left to say.

Jane: What about your relationship with

Tanya AND Jane: Rebecca Bournier.(“Burnyay!”)

(Dissonant instrumental!!! with a lot of sliding. This is where Susannah kind of freaks out a little!)


Bass intro

(Jane) we’ve got your number, we know your name, we’ve got the details, this is the end of your game

(Tanya) you’re gonna confess, you’re gonna break, you;re going to tell us (Jane+chorus) you’re making a big mistake

‘(Tanya) there’s no way out ((Jane) you’re making a big mistake)

there’s no way out (you’re making a big mistake)

(SP) Is this a nightmare, am i awake, why can’t you see that you are making a big mistake

 it wasn’t me, i’m not to blame, you will regret this, i think i’m being framed

(Jane) We’ve got your letters, you’ve got no clout, tried to deceive us, but we have found you out  

(Tanya) This is the end, the proofs in hand, we know you did it, i hope you understand

‘(Tanya) there’s no way out ((SP) you’re making a big mistake [Jane take out drill] )

there’s no way out ((Jane) you’ve made a big mistake [Jane head towards her with the drill])

[end scene - go to scene 7]

Descriptions of flash back scenes

Ivana sings about decorating, but flashbacks (black/white) show her doing spy stuff. each begins with her accepting/end with her burning an assignment.

Props: Assignment to burn (sheet with a watermark) - design and print [confidential stamp and ink], matches

4a - flashback #1

Location: Kitchen table

Props: Dynamite, wire cutter

4b - flashback #2

Location: Attic

Props: Maps, vic 20, microfilm

4c(removed) - flashback #3

Location: Library backdrop or piano or guest room

Props: Color palate, decoder thingy

Scene 5 (interrogation/flashback) - 30 seconds interrogation, 30 seconds flashback

“And what about this person?” Ivana gets nervous. Flashback: Paces around. Doesn’t take the assignment. copies it, puts into envelopes and addresses to newspapers. Establishes identity; puts on disguise.

Music: Based on previous scene music but getting crazy weird

Location: Bedroom

Props: Newspaper with obituary (print out obituary), printer, copies of assignment, envelopes, stamps

Scene 6 (she is caught) - 15 seconds

interrogators show her all the letters. One takes out a drill. She says “You’re making a big mistake!” They say: “You made a big mistake.” Fade out. (Door slam?)

Music: Creepy climax with chorus singing “you’re making a big mistake” and then “you made a big mistake”

Scene 7 - 15 seconds

The painting - “You’re making a big mistake.” (Same shot as opening.)

Music: Happy theme; then frantic viola on picture

5 min, 50 sec

Flashback 1

At kitchen table

Decoding assignment message with SC (los locos manos apparent in the assignment) (Maybe something with a car - tie in to the dolorian?


SC and SP are huddled over a table assembling a bomb (need dynamite and wire cutters)

SC is intensely putting something together on the bomb

SP checks connections

SP cuts one of the wires - seems satisfied

Cut to burning of the assignment

Flashback 2

In Attic

Flashback 3

SP: Gets assignment outside

Lisa walks by in background