The May 14,2011 GLSA board meeting was held at Southside Town Hall.

The following were present: Joe Lepley , Kent Davidson,Peggy Jo

Fortner,Lisa Peery , Gary Odegard,Harry Wahlquist,CarlSwanson ,Curt

Conrad Carole Gertgen ,Mike McNellis ,Jerry Dock and Tom Plihal.

Absent : Pat Beithon,Jan Evenson,Jerry Doffing

Nancy Pattee Hector,Dick Anderson and Jim Schwebel were also in attendance.

The meeting was opened at 9:05 a.m. by Joe Lepley, President. The

minutes for the October 9,2010 meeting were reviewed by the board .

Curt Conrad moved and MIke McNellis seconded to approve the minutes.

Motion carried.

Winter business: Gary Odegard has resigned as treasurer after the June

meeting. Peggy has offered to take the position of treasurer.Carole

will be our new social chair.Nancy Hector will be a new board

candidate. One board position remains open.John Swanson has offered to

store the pontoon and trailer on his lot. The trailer from J&J Marine

is $ 2,145.

The executive board appoved up to $1,500 be spent toward relieving the

high water situation on the lake.

Gary Odegard presented the Treasurer’s report dated

5/14/2011(attached). A 990 Easy tax form was used for filing as our

income was under $50,000.Carole moved and Carl seconded a motion to

approve the report.Motion carried.

The Minnesota Attorney General office requires a corporate resolution.

Gary moved and Harry seconded a motion to adopt the following:

GLSA Corporate Resolution dated 14 May 2011

We, the Board of Directors, approve the contents of the State of

Minnesota Charitable Organization Annual Report dated May 14, 2011. We

assume, and will continue to assume, responsibility for determining

matters of policy, and have supervised, and will continue to

supervise, the finances of the organization. We further state that the

information supplied is true, correct and complete to the best of our


motion carried.

New business: 1. High water and outlet drainage update.

Dick Anderson will write an article for the newsletter. Joe will meet

with the Lake Francis chair-Bob Flemming to discuss and document a

joint action plan for the lakes high water situations. Dick Anderson

and Jim Olson(Lake Francis) are coordinating the cleaning out of the

channel below Francis in June.Approximate cost for a private

contractor is16 hours at $60/hour.Our half-cost is not to exceed $500.

Harry moved and Mike seconded a motion to approve this cost. Motion


We can not formally request the Sheriffs Dept to enforce a lower boat

speed on the lake. The current no wake zone is 150 feet from the

shoreline. The DNR has a surface management outline/plan that is very

complex.Joe will look into it for the future. GLSA may add "signage"

to encourage boaters to honor a no wake zone. Private property eg.

Ericksons was discussed as a possible problem with lake access to

boaters.Joe and Nancy will address in the Spring Newsletter.

2. Exotics-

CLP- Carl- has permit and will treat 6 sites on May 16th. GLSA has a

crew of 22 volunteers to inspect boats for weeds at the public

access.GLSA members are encouraged to volunteer at the landing.Zebra

mussels- spawn in 60 degree water. Volunteers will use hanging dock

"tubes"to observe for zebra mussels and check every 3 weeks.We may

re-visit an electronic verbal message to play at the access.

Milfoil- John Swanson will obtain a DNR permit for treatment this year.

3. Steve McComas will submit a proposal for review at the June meeting.

We may hire him for a few days to 1- observe lake for milfoil and

perhaps utilize a scuba diver. He will also check our volunteer

efforts for possible areas for improvements to our plan. 2- look at a

zebra mussel plan.

4.Annual meeting on June 4th. social at 8:30 am. meeting and speakers

from 9am - 11am. Roger Stratle DNR- will speak on lakeshore


5. Membership- Nany is looking for coordinators for 3 or 4 areas. Dick

Anderson will continue to serve his area. An area coordinators meeting

will be held May 21st.

6. COLA- Coalition of Lake Associations- Wright Co. Kent Davidson and

Carl Swanson attended the meeting. Joe moved and Peggy seconded a

motion that GLSA be a formal member with dues at $100/year(large lake)

Kent will be our GLSA representative and Carl the alternate.Motion


New business-June meeting - by law changes , lake directory review,and

COLA review.

GLSA members are encouraged to contact state representatives

concerning proposed legislation

Curt moved and Jerry Dock seconded motion to adjourn meeting .

The meeting adjourned at 10:35 am

Tom Plihal

GLSA secretary