Endangered Species Check-List

As you complete your project, make sure you do the following.

1. Cover Page

  • Title
  • Author’s Name,
  • 2011
  • Great Image

2.  Research

  • Read a lot online (Internet), offline (books, magazines)
  • Think about the reading, choose most interesting facts and information.
  • Become an expert.

3. Introduction Page

  • Watch a short video of your animal in action.
  • Choose an intriguing action.
  • Take notes while you watch the action.
  • Write a paragraph about the action as an introduction.
  • Add introduction slide after title page
  • Text could start with any of the following: Imagine the . . ., Sound word or action word. . capture reader’s attention.

4.Information slides


  • 5-10 Accurate Facts in Bullets or Sentences on each page.
  • Write the facts in your own words, don’t plagiarize
  • Image(s) on each page
  • 20 or more slide pages

5. Editing

  • Start sentences w/capital letters, end with punctuation.
  • Use capital letters for first, last and important title words.
  • Spellcheck so that you use correct spelling.
  • Read your slide show to a friend.
  • Sign up for teacher edit when done.

6. Public Service


Write a script including:

  • Facts about why the animal is endangered.
  • Facts about how we can save the animal.
  • One minute in length.
  • One minute video w/words and images

7. Animal Riddle


(for Irish ePals)

  • Type 8-10 animal clues.
  • Number each clue.
  • Place an image of animal and animal’s name on back of page.

8. Extra

  • Imbed Videos
  • Create an Animoto

9. Animal Illustration

  • Finish in class using colored pencils.

10. Other Ideas

Let me know about other ideas for this project.