Sample Email Text to Your Representative for a House version of The Family Act

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U.S. House

Washington, DC 20510


Dear Representative [LAST NAME],

I'm reaching out to you today regarding an important public health issue: infertility, a disease that affects 7.3 million Americans like me. Infertility affects one out of every eight couples in the United States. Ironically enough, it is a highly treatable disease: 80 percent of infertility patients are successfully treated for this disease, and yet its patient community faces the most hurdles in terms of affordable access to care.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced the Family Act (S. 965) in the Senate, a bill that would create a tax credit for the out-of-pocket costs associated with infertility medical treatment. It has been modeled after the very successful Adoption Tax Credit. Representative [NAME], I'm asking to see if you will be willing to introduce a similar bill in the House.

I'm not asking for a government handout; I'm simply asking you to support a piece of legislation that would ease the heavy financial burden many infertile couples face by introducing similar legislation in the House.

[Feel free to describe how the Family Act would help you or a loved one personally by sharing a few sentences about your journey and the out of pocket costs you have made.]

Representative [NAME], will you help me build my family? Will you introduce a House version of the Family Act? I hope you will.

Respectfully yours,