Todd Bryant and Ryan Burke

Willoughby 2016

Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality

  1. Virtual Reality - Oculus, create an entirely different environment.  We have games/sims to show in media center.

  1. Augmented Reality -  Software installed on a smartphones and tablets (usually Android or Apple devices) take advantage of the phone’s camera, compass, and location to recognize the object or place that is being viewed and add information via text, images, or other media.

  1. The basics - Educause 7 Things on Augmented Reality

  1. Mixed Reality - Can still see the real world, as in AR; difference is that the program is also aware of the real physical environment.  For a example, a game could treat furniture in your room as obstacles.  An program for interior design would take into account aspects of the room.  For a video conference, other people would appear as if in your room.  Immediate difference, no need for large screen TVs and relatively simple games (build stuff (Minecraft/Lego style, First person shooters/robot invasion).  Microsoft just release dev version of HoloLens


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

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