I got the idea for this tribute song from my son Charlie...

open C tuning

Late last evening I heard the news // we lost a man we couldn’t bear to lose

He left a lot of music and a lot of licks // no one else could cover all of Gary’s tricks

There isn’t any reason and there’s no excuse // No way around the no Moore blues


But *I still got the *Moore blues, Gary Moore is gone //

But *if we got his music we can *still play on

I got *Moore blues, in my soul // Moore blues they will never get old

Maybe they can *help me make it through the no Moore blues

Late last evening I heard the news // we lost a man that understood the blues

He played a thousand songs and learned a hundred styles

*He could make you cry or he could *make you smile

If the *Lord’s got a *place for those that *sooth our pain // *Gary Moore’s ridin on the glory train


Somewhere up in heaven there’s a smoky bar // Robert Johnson opens on a slide guitar

Warming up the crowd for old Stevie Ray // or maybe Jimi Hendrix blows the crowd away

Where they shake to Janis Joplin on the big dance floor // maybe you can hear some Moore


© William W. Cohen 2015