Adult Fitness

The YMCA of North Bay Fitness Center offers a wide variety of fitness equipment and friendly, knowledgeable staff available for all your training needs. Our cardiovascular equipment includes elliptical machines, treadmills, stairmasters, rowers, stationary bikes and a wide variety of free weights. New members can drop-in for an orientation session where they will be taught to use all of the equipment as well as proper lifting techniques. Please speak to one of our Membership Services Representatives or call us at 705-497-9622 for more information.


The YMCA also offers a variety of programs to the adult population in the area, with the hope that everyone will find one that meets his or her individual needs. More than just a fitness center, the YMCA strives to meet your needs through the classes and activities we offer. People are free to choose a structured class or an independent workout in our facility, or to combine both methods. At the YMCA we stress individuality and encourage people to try new things until they find something that works best for them.


Our goals are to help educate and motivate YMCA members to choose and permanently maintain healthy lifestyle changes. We are committed to increasing your understanding of what it really means to be “optimally” well and “functionally” fit. We look forward to assisting you to become healthier to improve your quality of life!


Instructors and volunteers are always available to answer questions and offer advice.



Appropriate shirts, shorts and footwear (closed toe, rubber-soled shoes) are required during exercise in the fitness centre, gym or squash/racquetballs courts. Street shoes are not permitted.


In the swimming pool and therapy pool, proper swimming suits are required. Cut-offs and gym shorts are not permitted in the pool.


For squash/racquetball it is strongly recommended that eye guards be worn.


Personal Training

Why hire a personal trainer? If you are having a hard time staying motivated, reaching your goals, not seeing results or feel that you have come to a plateau, a YMCA Personal Trainer can help! Book an appointment today and start seeing the results that you deserve. Call (705) 497-9622.