2015 PONY Baseball and Softball
North Zone PINTO Coach Pitch Baseball Tournament Rules 

1. A batter shall be declared out after failing to hit a fair ball after six pitches are delivered. Missed swings are counted as strikes, as are foul balls and foul tips. If the batter fouls off the sixth pitch, he continues to bat until he swings and misses or does not swing.

2. There is NO dropped third strike rule. The catcher may stand away from the plate until the batter swings, then field the position defensively.

3. There is NO Infield Fly Rule.

4. A runner may advance to second base only on an overthrow to first base unless a play is made on the runner going to second base then it becomes a live ball until ball is considered in the possession of an infielder, and in the judgment of the umpire is ruled “Dead”.

5. If the ball is thrown from the outfield and rolls through the infield to the backstop, then this will be considered an overthrow and the runners can advance until the ball is considered in the possession of an infielder, in the judgment of the umpire is ruled “Dead”. 

6. On a hit to the outfield, the ball must be thrown back to an infielder and the ball must be held up inside the infield in order for play to stop. If the runner(s) have passed the white hash marks before the ball is held up, the runner is allowed to advance to the next base. If the runner has not crossed the hash marks when play is stopped, then they must return to the preceding base.

7. There is NO leading off and base runners are not allowed to steal bases.

8. Games will consist of 6 innings. The 10 run rule will be in effect after 4 complete innings or 3-1/2 innings if the Home Team leads by 10 runs.

9. There shall be a maximum of 5 (Five) runs per inning with the exception of the 6th inning or extra innings and then a maximum of 10 players may bat and there are No run limits for those ten batters.

10. Players may tag up and run on a caught fly ball.

11. The entire roster of players present for the game shall bat in rotation. (No matter how many players in the Line up – You bat all in rotation).

12. An inning is over when three outs are obtained or when a team bats through 10 players. (The team at bat must announce Tenth batter to opposing team and officials).

13. Batters are not permitted to bunt or soft swing at the ball.

14. No Rovers. Ten (10) players shall be used defensively. Pitcher should be positioned next to the rubber on either side, not behind. Four (4) outfielders, Left Field, Left Center Field, Right Center Field, Right Field shall be 15 feet behind the baselines when the ball is pitched.

15. All players must play in the field during each game. There will be No designated bench players. No player will be on the bench more than 3 Innings per game.

16. If a batted ball hits the coach Pitcher, the ball is dead. The pitch is a foul strike and No runners may advance.

17. Coin toss to determine the Home Team.

18. Home Team is first base dugout.

19. No coach pitch stamped bats are allowed.

20. In addition to the rules stated herein, all games are subject to the 2014 PONY Baseball Rules and Regulations and / or the Official Major League Baseball Rules.

PONY Baseball and Softball expects Good Sportsmanship from the Coaches, Players and the Fans.

Revised 11/14/2014