To whomever shall find this letter,

Ponyville was once so full with life. Bright green plants, plenty of animals, and the nicest ponies I've ever met.

They're all dead. And I didn't even know it was my fault until it was too late.

It began only with the bunnies sick. They were just sneezing and coughing up until all there was left to sneeze and cough up was blood. And when they had ran out of that, life had decided to cough them out.

Then death came the only dragon in town, Spike. He was such a joyful little dragon, and I always found interest in him. It was nice to learn about a baby dragon, but I wish I could've gotten to known him more personally, and that he could've lived to grow up. Yet he was still young, and his immune system wasn't strong enough... Eventually he lost control of his flames, and burnt his own heart to ashes.

After that came another friend of mine. Pinkie Pie. She was the type of pony always smiling, even when I was covering her corpse with dirt. I hope that whatever lies beyond this life, Pinkie Pie will still be able to sing, cheer, and host her wonderful parties. I should've taken more opportunities to have become more social with her.

Then they began to spread more widely. There was some offer at the local spa, and a number of ponies touched me, allowing for them to leave me, their hive of birth, to have their own hosts that they infect pain and death upon.

The they I speak of is the race of ticks named quick-tick. I can only hope that what has happened here will drive Princess Celestia to wipe off the only life in Equestria that deserves nothing but death for all the misery they've caused. They deserve nothing less than to feel the torching blaze of the princess's full fury.

Yet I deserve my own punishment also. The smartest pony I ever knew, Twilight Sparkle, was trying to help me find out what was wrong with all of this. When we had found a bump on me, we assumed it was nothing... Or at we lied to each other about that. I was simply too afraid to face the pain of surgery, the only way to remove a parental quick-tick, while Twilight Sparkle told me before we managed to be saved, that she didn't want to have to go to drastic measures, afraid to hurt me.

So we continued trying to come up with excuses until the parental quick-tick on me had managed to produce another parental quick-tick. This was the start of the end.

The second parental quick-tick managed to attach itself to yet another friend of mine, Apple Jack, a member of the farm family that owns Sweet Apple Acres. The parental quick-tick on her managed to reproduce enough demonic hellspawn that every apple sold that day had one on it. Those quick-ticks then proceeded to leave the apples for something better: a pony for a host.

I remember Apple Jack's face when she found this out. It was one of self-hatred and anger. Nothing in comparison when the quick-ticks claimed the lives of her younger sister and grandmother. The only reason why she kept on living was that her brother Apple Macintosh kept pushing her on. As a note of interest, Apple Macintosh was one of the few ponies that survived having a quick-tick on them for a long period of time. Of course, Apple Macintosh, or Big Mac as his nickname was, was easily the strongest pony in Ponyville. Both physically and mentally... When I myself had purposely tried drowning out of self-blame, Big Mac had saved me, saying that this whole thing was just an accident, which it was... One that could've and should've been fixable and preventable at an earlier point.

When a number of deaths had occurred, Princess Celestia had called in an evacuation, and most of Ponyville was saved. We were then one-by-one processed through camps to cure and check us, and at these camps were where my previously mentioned suicide attempt occurred.

Equestrian newspapers treated this as such a horrible accident, but they only gave notice to the statistics, saying how bad it was that that many died, not even considering those that actually lived those lives. And of the bunnies, only we that had lived at Ponyville remembered them at all.

When the whole camp process was finished, it was decided that Ponyville be completely abandoned, along with all our belongings.

So that was it. We were expected to leave all that behind us. Me and my friends Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, and Rarity were expected to just forget the deaths of our close friends, pets, and relatives. Princess Celestia personally apologized to us about this, saying that her advisors had forced this act upon her. Let it be known that I feel no sense of hostility at all towards her, or anyone else except myself.

That brings me to the conclusion of this... I deserve death. Death for cowering before the threat of pain. A despicable action that caused the deaths of Derpy Hooves, Pinkie Pie, Spike, and Rainbow Dash...

And others recognize that what I did was despicable. Ponies have and will call me the “Destroyer of Ponyville”, “The Yellow Death”, “Selfish-Coward”, and some other names that involve language I would rather not leave in letters such as this.

This letter... I ought to get to the main point now.

I will hang myself on the bridge by my house in Ponyville. Might be out of a sense of poetic justice to end this all where it began, or it might just be nostalgia in me trying to seek those former happier times out one last time before I receive justice.

I know others will find this, and I apologize for upsetting those that read this, but see it as a new chance. No longer will there be a mass-murderer among all of you. Please, live on. Not for me, but for everyone else that died. Please, for Ponyville.



Fluttershy walked slowly towards the bridge, rope around her neck. There was no sign of life for her to see, and none to see her. She preferred it this way. She did not want to see others crying when she died.

However, when she was about to walk on to the bridge, she noticed of all things, bubbles in the river below. The environmentalist in her would've wonder why there were bubbles appearing, but she stared at them for a different reason.

Staring deeper and deeper into the bubbles, she found that they were turning scale-like. It would've been a beautiful sight to any other pony, but Fluttershy found herself crying, reminded of past friends Derpy Hooves and Spike.

Yet there was hesitation in her now for what she had planned to do. “Derpy... Spike... Why are you here?” Fluttershy asked. She noticed a reflection of herself in the bubbles, and behind her was a rainbow.

Turning around, Fluttershy cried out the name of Rainbow Dash. “Rainbow Dash! I'm sorry! If it wasn't for me, you would've been able to eventually become a Wonder Bolt like you always dreamed of! I killed both you and your dreams, so let me kill myself! I deserve it for all I did!”

Fluttershy began to tie the end of the rope to the bridge, when she suddenly felt something tap her. Turning, she saw balloons, and heard the wind blowing them. In a way, it had reminded her of a song that Pinkie Pie had sung before. “Please forgive me Pinkie... For what I have done and am about to do...”

Fluttershy's knees gave in and she dropped to the ground of the bridge, crying. “Please... I'm sorry...”

“It's okay Fluttershy.” Fluttershy heard the voice coming from above, she turned back to the rainbow.

“Yeah, don't tell us you're about to do this just because of what happened.” Fluttershy jerked her head back at the balloons.

“Fluttershy, don't!” That voice had came from behind. Turning to see who said it, Fluttershy saw Twilight, who managed to avoid getting a quick-tick, Apple Jack, who seemed older from what had occurred, Big Mac, who had lost a lot of his body strength and now resembled a normal colt, and Rarity, who had an ugly scar on her face, caused by the surgery needed to remove the quick-tick on her.

Fluttershy muttered “I'm sorry,” and tried to fly over the bridge, but was hold down by Twilight's magic. All four of them continued running up to the crying pegasus, until finally Twilight had reached her first and gave her a hug.

“It's okay Fluttershy. This is our second chance!” Twilight shouted.

“Sugar, I don't blame y'all for what happened. Could've happened to any pony.” Applejack said.

“Indeed. And wouldn't you find it quite... rude, to just give up on life when you told us not to?” Rarity continued the moral speech.

“E'yup.” Big Mac said with a smile.

This was an emotionally tiring event for Fluttershy, and she still hadn't fully recovered from what she endured before this. Feeling sleep overcoming her, Fluttershy spoke a “thank you” before falling to rest.

“It'll be okay Fluttershy. We believe in you.” Those words gave Fluttershy the first sweet dreams she had in a long time. The road to full recover would be a difficult one, and maybe they would never be able to live in Ponyville again, but now, Fluttershy was able to find the will to continue down that road alongside friends.