RAndy’s Challenger Series Useful Information

The games are races to 5 in 9 Ball. The games are to be played in RAndy’s Bar by simply showing up and writing your names on the board with “Ladder Game”. The table is all yours when the board reaches “Ladder Game” and remains yours until the completion of the race. Then give up the table to the people whose names are below you (since they’ve been kind enough to wait).

How to Join?

Get on ropeyladder.com and join the “RAndy’s Challenger Series.” If you use the “Find Ladder” function we are the only ladder in Seoul and quite easy to find.

The Rules

Pretty Standard 9 Ball tournament rules. Whoever makes the nine ball wins (by hook or by crook). If the 9 ball is pocketed on the break it spots, otherwise it is a win. There are no handicaps in the games. Both players must play to the 9. There is a three-foul rule in effect. If a player fouls three times consecutively it is loss of game. If you scratch while putting the 9 ball as the final ball it is loss of game. If you scratch while potting the 9 ball before the last shot the 9 ball spots. You can push after the break. There is one push shot. There is a magic rack available to rack your own balls. Winner breaks. Lag for break unless you agree to some other means such as coin toss or rock paper scissors (my personal favorite).


Using Ropey Ladder (http://ropeyladder.com) 

Q: How do I challenge?

A: The site is a bit annoying at first. It's actually overly simplistic.

Sign in and then click the RAndy's Challenger Link the left side bar under "Recent Ladders". Or follow this link: http://www.ropeyladder.com/ladder.php?id=4543

Then to challenge you click on the swords and it will ask you if you want to burn your free challenges. Your first two challenges you can challenge as high up as you want, after that you can only challenge up to 3 spaces higher.

Q: What do the two boxers mean?

A: It means that the player with that icon of the boxers is in a challenge and cannot be challenged until the current challenge is resolved.