Debate Motions 2011-2012



Red Sea Open, Israel, September 4-7

World Russian Language BP Championships, Kyrgyzystan, September 17-20

EU-China Youth Debate Tournament, Beijing, September 23-28


Dutch Pro-Am Tournament, AUC Amsterdam, October 1

Kiev Open, Ukraine, October 1-2

(theme of peace and non-violence)

Edinburgh Cup, Scotland, October 8-9

Masters, the Netherlands, October 15 (translated)

UCL President’s Cup, England, October 15

SOAS IV, England, October 22-23

Irish Times Debates First Round

(30th October - November 12)

UCD Novice Cup, Ireland, October 27

UCD VP, Ireland, October 28-29

NAMDA Novice, England, October 29

Bath IV, England, October 29

Imperial College Open, England, October 29


UCU Open, the Netherlands, November 4-5

Newcastle IV, England, November 4

Durham IV, England, November 5-6

Mostar Pro-Am Training Tournament, Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 5-6

John Smith Memorial Irish Mace Round 1 (November 8 - December 5)


Oxford IV, England, November 11-12

Yorkshire Novice Cup, England, November 12

Bogwall, Scotland, November 18-19

Cambridge IV, England, November 18-19

IDAS, Slovenia, November 25-27

IDAS Training

IDAS Tournament

Irish Times Round 2, Ireland, November 25 - November 30

Cicero Debattoernooi, the Netherlands, November 26 (translated)

ESU England Mace, England, November 26-27

Zeit Debatte Karlsruhe, Germany, November 26-27 (translated)

Moscow Open, Russia, November 26-27


Cork IV, Ireland, December 2-3

Paris Centrale IV, France, December 2-3

Estonian Pro-Am Tournament, Estonia, December 3

Finnish National Championships, Finland, December 3

ESU Welsh Mace, Wales, December 3

KCL IV, England, December 3

Sheffield IV, England, December 3

SSE Riga IV, Latvia, December 9-10

Streitcultur Cup, Tuebingen, Germany, December 9 (translated)

Stuttgart IV, Germany, December 10-11

Lancaster IV, England, December 10

Bristol IV, England, December 10

Birmingham IV, England, December 17-18

Dutch Novice Cup, the Netherlands, December 17 (translated)

De La Salle Worlds, Philippines, December 28-January 4

Motions 2012


Zeit Debatte Hamburg, Germany, January 13-15 (translated)

Nottingham Trent IV, England, January 14

Berlin New Year’s Invitational, Germany, January 20 (translated)

Berlin Punk, Germany, January 21-22

Oxford Women’s Open, England, January 20-21

London IV, England, January 21

Rotterdam BP Tournament, Netherlands, January 21 (translated)

Trinity IV, Ireland, January 27-28

York IV, England, January 27

Irish Mace Debates Round 2, January 24 - February 4

French Debate Association Tournament Preliminary Rounds, Paris, France, January 26 - March 5


Irish Times Semi Finals, January 31 - February 7

Warwick IV, England, February 4

Aghveryan IV, Armenia, February 6

Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi Amsterdam (BDT), Netherlands, February 11 (translated)

Galway Open, Ireland, February 11-12

Cardiff IV, Wales, February 11

ESU Scottish Mace, Scotland, February 11

Irish Mace Third Round, February 12 - 14

Final Irish Times, Ireland, February 17

LSE Open, England, February 17-18

Aberdeen Open, Scotland, February 17-18

Manchester IV, England, February 24-26


Glasgow Ancients, Scotland, March 2-3

Budapest Open, Hungary, March 2-4

Nottingham Open, England, March 3-4

French Debate Association Tournament Semi Finals, Paris, France, March 8 and March  13

Vienna IV, Austria, March 9-11

John Smith Memorial Mace Semi Finals, Ireland, March 5, 12 and 13

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes IV, St Petersburg, Russia, March 9-11

Leeds Open, England, March 9-10

UL Limerick Open, Ireland, March 9-10

Zeit Debatte Magdeburg, Germany, March 16-18 (translated)

Debattoernooi Utrecht (DTU), March 17 (translated)

Debatica IV, Moscow, Russia, March 17

John Smith Memorial Mace Semi Finals, Ireland, March 20 and March 22


Heriot-Watt Open, Scotland, March 24


DCU Open, Dublin, Ireland, March 23-24

Exeter Open, England, March 24

Mykolas Romeris IV, Vilnius, Lithuania, March 24-25

French Debate Association Tournament Final, Paris, France. March  26th

Dutch Open, the Netherlands, March 30-31

Schwarzwald Cup, Freiburg, Germany, March 31-April 1 (translated)

John Smith Memorial Mace Final Ireland, March 30

Kent IV, England, March 31


HSE Open, Moscow, April 7-8

Paris IV, France, April 6-7

USU Open, USA, April 13-16

Jacobs Open, Germany, April 13-15

Science Po Le Havre IV, France, April 13-15

Estonia Open, Estonia, April 19-22

Norddeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft, Kiel, Germany, April 21-22 (translated)

Mitteldeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft, Jena, Germany, April 21-22 (translated)

Süddeutschen Regionalmeisterschaft, Ingolstad, Germany, April 21-22 (translated)

NK Debatteren, Dutch National Championships, the Netherlands, April 21-22 (translated)

Israeli Open, Israel, April 21

Southampton Open, England, April 21

International John Smith Memorial Mace Final, London, England, April 29

Saggsn- Masders, Dresden, Germany, 28-29 April


York Open, England, May 5

Zionism Begin Tournament, Israel, May 11 (translated)

Zeit Debatte Munster, Germany, May 11-13 (translated)

“Denny Crane” Faculty of Political Science, Belgrade, May 12  (translated)

Split Union Open, May 18, Croatia

Bruder Grimm Cup, Marburg, May 26-27, Germany (translated)

Dutch Mace, May 26, Netherlands (translated)


Iron Man BP Tournament, University College Utrecht, June 2, the Netherlands

German Language Championships, Austria, June 7-10 (translated)

Bristol Open, England, June 9

Israeli Nationals, MTA College, Israel, June 10-11

Durham Open, Durham, England, June 16-17

Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open, England, June 18-19

KCL Open, King’s College London, England, June 23

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 29-July 1

R1: THW assasinate Bashar al Assad

R2: THBT schools should teach children from first-generation immigrants in the language of their  parents

R3: THBT developing countries should limit rural to urban migration

R4: THW compel the Catholic Church to allow women to serve as priests

R5: TH regrets South Africa’s decision to use Truth and Reconciliation Commisions rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes under Apartheid


Final: TH regrets the decline of socialism


Debado Cup Dortmund, Germany, July 7

Earlsfort Open, Dublin, Ireland, July 7-8

Imperial Summer IV, London, England, July 7-8

Boddencup, Greifswald, Germany, July 20-22 (translated)

SOAS Open, London, England, July 21

IDC Porto Debate Camp and Open, Portugal, July 27-29

Mediterranean Universities Debating Championships, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, July 29 - August 3


Belgrade EUDC 2012, Serbia, August 5-11