TWP® 100 SERIES is an EPA registered wood preservative which contains a unique combination of chemicals which preserve and enhance the natural warmth, beauty and integrity of new and old wood. TWP® 100 SERIES penetrates deeply into wood without excessive surface film build, highlighting existing grain patterns with amazing clarity and warmth and is specifically designed to provide protection against the four major causes of wood degradation; wood rot, water, sunlight and mildew. TWP® 100 SERIES will not crack, peel or blister making maintenance an easy task to perform for extended wood protection.

TWP® 100 SERIES is designed for use on new and old wood siding, fencing, decking and log homes.  

TWP® 100 SERIES is available in 7 popular colors and clear. TWP®-100 Clear is not intended for color retention and will allow the wood to gray naturally.

Color not in picture below  Dark Oak

Available Colors        


   Cedartone Natural                                 Honeytone                                           Clear  


        Rustic Oak                                           Pecan                                              Redwood