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Subject: Backroom Pressure tactics – The invisible Hands of the Shale Gas Industry Hard at Work to End Democracy


For those of you that have been asking.  Yes, it is true.  Rich Fitzgerald, candidate for County Executive and recipient of significant contributions from Shale Gas industry, Dennis Yablonsky, CEO of the Allegheny Conference, Barbra McNees, ICA oversight board Chair and Member Rich Stinizzo, are putting significant political pressure on Council members to vote “NO” on legislation to place a referendum question on the November ballot amending the City Charter to ban gas drilling in the city. The ICA lobbying is completely inappropriate. That is neither their role nor their mandate in the affairs of the city.


The Council unanimously enacted an ordinance to do the very same last November 16th.  The vote on the Charter question comes up this Wednesday.


All of this is being done at the direction of the Shale Gas industry. Publicly, shale gas industry spokes persons say, "who cares, we aren't drilling in the city anyway.” Privately they seem to be singing a different song.


None of them, seemingly, have the gumption to go public with their opposition. I would be happy to debate them on the matter. They also can come to City Council to offer their perspectives during our public comment period as to why they think it’s a bad idea to allow the public to express themselves on this most significant issue.


I encourage all people (not just the gas industry insiders and their agents) who care about clean air, clean water, property values, exploding gas wells, and the health of our children to lobby the Council as well.    


Mr. Fitzgerald and his Shale Gas industry backroom friends want us to vote for him yet he doesn’t want the public to be allowed vote for themselves, for their health, for their safety and welfare.  I put this question to Mr. Fitzgerald: What city neighborhood would you like to begin drilling operations in?


As noted in his January 27, 2011 email below, demanding campaign money from “Range, …CNX/Consol, …Atlas….US Steel… Chespapeake, Cabot, Talisman or anyone else he falsely states that my wife, Briget was “making calls” for his opponent in the May primary.


I can categorically state that Briget never did any such thing.  It is lie and I challenge Mr. Fitzgerald to produce any evidence in that regard. In fact, I publicly gave him my endorsement (without knowledge that he wrote the letter).


Mr. Fitzgerald never mentioned that letter to me while he courted me for that endorsement.  My wife was quite upset at the time and made several calls to him that went unreturned when the letter was made public.  She is still awaiting an apology and an acknowledgement that his statement is false.


Best regards


Douglas Shields

Member of Council


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Subject: Chief Executive Race


I forwarded a text to Matt responding to a text he sent to me telling me

he was coming to my event but only buying one ticket.  And oh by the way

my campaign, won't get the check till later, so we won't have it for the

filing deadline of Jan. 31.

It is critical for my viability in eyes of the politucal world to have

money in the bank and have it early.

City Councilman Doug Shield's wife, Bridgit, is making calls to the

energized moratoriom crowd for Mark Flaherty by telling them that Mark

Flaherty will support a moratorium.  

The next Chief Executive of Allegheny County will either be me or Mark

Flaherty. If you want the leader of this region to be someone who is

clueless about natural gas and your industry, continue to sit on your

hands that is exactly what will happen.

Only EQT, Mike Hillenbrand and Keith Mangini have remotely gotten behind


My campaign has gotten next to nothing from Range, next to nothing from

CNX/Consol, next to nothing from Atlas, next to nothing from US Steel.

And absolutely nothing from Chespapeake, Cabot, Talisman or anyone else.


I love going to the expensive "Captians of Industry" parties in New York

City, but would rather have the "Captians" put their money  behind a

candidate who will promote the growth of industry.

PIOGA has also done nothing.

I need money and I need it fast.

Its great to hear from Dave Spiegelmeyer about how wonderful I am for

the industry, but what I really need from Dave is money. Not "I wish I

could be at your event, but I'm out of town. Just know we're behind

you."  Well if you are, put your money where your mouth is and help fund

this campaign.

I love going to your wine and cheese receptions to hear what a great

advocate I am for the natural gas industry, how as an CMU engineer I

understand the benefits of natural gas for the environment, global

warming, national security, jobs, regional growth, our trade deficit,

etc.  You have the courage to take a stand and stand up for what's

right. Well if you like that, stand up for me now. Because if you don't

I will be gone in a few months, and the voices you hear won't be your


Your kind words and "attaboys" won't win the race. How about if you take

some of the money you spend on these receptions, or a party at the "W"

and invest it in who is going to lead Western Pennsylvania over the next

4 years

This is "The Race".  The Chief Executive of Allegheny County is the most

influential political office west of the Susquehana. He or she sets the

agenda for all of Western Pennsylvania .  It is more important than a

state senate, state house, or even a congressional race.

I hope you guys realize this before it is too late.


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Team 4: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Drinking Water

Small Communities Struggle To Keep Water Clean

POSTED: 2:08 pm E. DT July 21, 2011

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 State inspectors have cited the borough's water plant 35 times in the past the five years, including ten violations for high levels of trihalomethane and haloacetic acids, which are cancer-causing chemicals”

“Last year the authority reported high levels of trihalomethanes, the same cancer-causing chemical found in Ohiopyle's water.”

“ The head of the Beaver Falls water authority declined to talk on camera, but he told Van Osdol their problems were aggravated by the release of gas industry wastewater, also known as frack water, eighteen miles upstream from the treatment plant. He says the authority is changing treatment procedures to address the problem. Earlier this year, the state told the gas industry to stop dumping frack water into rivers.”