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Commander's Report

Jon Kosh Reporting

This morning the crew awoke seemingly more comfortable with their new

home, ready to begin a new sol on the Red Planet. Jon and Mitesh had

radio communications fully prepared for the planned expedition and

experiment specific equipment preparations went smoothly. Tommy and

Christina suited up, depressurized and moved to the vehicular landing


After attempting to start all 4 ATV's, and following several minutes

of technical diagnosis, the EVA team entered the airlock much sooner

than expected. Temporarily extending SIM boundaries to include the ATV

landing area, engineering crew members were sent to investigate. After

another round of evaluation, the crew realized more specific knowledge

and expertise was required to surpass this off-nominal technical

challenge and promptly notified mission support.

The vehicular sampling EVA quickly evolved into a walking distance EVA

that resulted in sample returns from three different geological sites.

Radio contact was maintained for the expedition and a time based event

log was kept detailing GPS coordinates and accuracies as well as site

descriptions. This data log will grow to include sample analysis and

visual evidence of sample sites.

The crew spent the next part of the afternoon relaxing with more

episodes of the Twilight Zone and Firefly while enjoying a nice warm

bowl of clam chowder. Feeling under the weather, the crew commander

passed on the report to the executive officer. Today is a cooking day,

and just before heading in for some rest, the commander kneaded some

fresh bread and set it out to soak in sunlight and rise. The crew is

currently enjoying the fruits of this labor along with what smells

like a fantastic spaghetti dinner. While still typing the report at

the dinner table, the XO is glad to report that the crew commander

seems to still have a healthy appetite. The crew's vehicular EVA's are

on hold until the crew is able to receive technical consul from

mission support-which we have received word may happen tonight or

tomorrow morning.

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