SC Public School Students Accessing Porn On iPads

By fitsnews • on February 7, 2012

Even though the average South Carolinian doesn’t know an iPad from a block of wood (seriously), local school districts continue to purchase these devices for our public school students anyway.

Why? Because South Carolina public schools have more money than God … that’s why. Or as one local educrat recently told the Associated Press, “why not?”

Anyway, one of the districts that’s invested heavily in iPads is Richland County School District Two … which recently purchased hundreds of the devices for its middle school students.

Are these iPads improving academic achievement? That’s debatable …

Are they facilitating student access to porn? Absolutely …

FITS was recently alerted to several problems with internet security on Richland Two’s iPads. Specifically, one information technology source alleged that “the security that is provided on the devices doesn’t work with the networks (District Two) has in place at the schools.”

The result of these alleged problems?

A veritable streaming torrent of illicit flesh …

According to the district, the iPad porn epidemic – including reports of middle school students watching X-rated content during class – has been exaggerated.

“We’re aware that there are certain rumors circulating and there are things we are doing to go above and beyond in an effort to block access to pornography,” says Ken Blackstone, the district’s iPad guru. “We would like to enlist parents’ help in that effort.”

Apparently the district has already enlisted parents’ help to some extent, asking them to active security controls on their children’s iPads when they arrive home from school and deactivate those controls when they leave for school the next morning.

Blackstone acknowledged that the district has heard complaints from parents about iPad porn – and is currently in the process of equipping the devices with enhanced security features that will limit the ability of students to access remote networks.

“We are making it so each device has to be routed through the district filter,” Blackstone said.

Will that work? Who knows …

“The problem doesn’t appear to be with the devices it appears to be with the district’s security,” one information technology specialist told FITS.

“I can’t imagine the number of security holes in that network,” another said.

Blackstone flatly denied that students were able to watch porn on their iPads in class.

“They absolutely cannot access it in class,” he said. “If they are accessing porn they are doing it from home or from some other location.”

Blackstone added that parents agreed to police their children’s iPad usage before the students received the devices, and that they “might be in violation of the agreement they signed” if their children were using the devices to access porn.


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