MTG Realm -         August, 2018


About Us :

We operate the MTG-Realm blog at  We have produced over 2,500 articles to date since we first began blogging in January, 2008.  The content we provide generally deals with news, reviews, spoilers, and opinions of the collectible trading card game ‘Magic: The Gathering’ but we do not necessarily limit ourselves to this game


Visitor Traffic Analysis :


Volume : By January, 2016 the MTG Realm blog is expected to exceed 6.8 Million pageloads before year’s end and since January, 2015 we average approximately 16,000 pageloads per month - this is how many times your advertisement could be viewed by readers who are interested in your product or service.  

Source : Approximately half of our visitors are directed to the website via search engines with the remainder coming from referring sites (social media sites) and  direct traffic.  Generally, 60% of the visitors are from North America, 20% from Europe, 10% from South American and 10% from Asia.

Our other major online asset is Tumblr website has been gaining popularity with approximately 10,000 pageloads per month and has over 16,000 Followers, viewing over 8,000 Notes posted to date.img_logo_bluebg_2x.png

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