Administration Team Meeting

Time: 11:00AM--2:00PM, August 29, 2010

Attendances: Xia Qing, Zhuang Yitian, Dai Yuanping, Wang Ping and Gao Bin

Agenda Items

  1. Number of classes
  2. Teachers’ meeting
  3. New hire interview, if any
  4. School events in Fall
  5. Team communication

Meeting Notes

Not increase the tuition this semester

Chinese teachers: pay by 2-hour lesson

Other teachers: pay by negotiation (hourly) since their classes are not truly school operated.

Based on the school surplus and the class size of teachers’

Once per semester

Teachers can send a note to Principal and Accountant for budget review prior to order

Flexible and budget-based

5 candidates selected for interview

Start at 6:00PM of August 31at MSU

30 minutes each candidate

Yang Yuping

Qiu Yu

Wang Xiaoning

After class on September 12

Wang Ping will teach this class

Zong Qing will teach this class

Yuanping will contact the person

Based on the enrollment data of last semester

Keep five more for backup

Yitian will send the order form

Sell overstock textbooks

Wang Ping will prepare a detailed plan and may bring it up in the teacher’s conference

Wang Ping may form a small group of teachers as a task force on this item

This is a long-term task. The school can support it in term of funding, but it is essential to have a leader who can continuously lead the effort and make a significant contribution.

Bin suggested that it is important to inform all team members of all school related issues and tasks no matter whether the individuals are interested or getting involved. Each team member should have a right to know about the school operation.

Discuss the recurring payments and one-time payments

Expect board can call us for a quick meeting

Xia Qing will do those.

Aim at the students’ safety and maintaining a quiet learning environment

Call for the help from Parents to enforce the policies

Bin will create a volunteer registration online form