Owen J. McCuen

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The Church: Feature film by Dom Franklin. I am: Member of Board of Deacons.

The North Star: Feature film by Thomas Phillips. I am: Guard 2 and slave purchaser.

The Road Rager: Short film by Pat McErlean and Leo Bernardo.  I am: Harrison Smith.

The Traveler: Short film directed by Nachshon Windsor.  I am: Zach, a fellow traveler.

A Prince Among Pawns: Feature film written by Ellis Minatee. I am: Kevin Cranston.

The Barren Pine: Feature film by John Boggi.  I am: Byron Webster, murder victim.

The Playground: Short film by Little Red Wagon Films. I am: The kidnapper.

Like There’s No Tomorrow: Short film by Kyle Schiffert. I am: Joe, victim of zombie bite.

Pieces Make a Whole: Short film by John N. Waters. I am: Ben Washburn, neighbor.

The Sanctuary: Feature film by Kineto Films. I am: Robert Keller, Ph.D.

Desolation: Feature film by Time to Back Out Productions. I am: Jake, a redneck.

Lavatory: Short film by Michael Kelberg. I am: Stan, office guy and bathroom offender.


Rita’s Water Ice: First National Campaign.

Transit Security “The Daily Trip”: PSA by EFK Group & Widewaters 360. I am: Dad.

Arooga’s Grillhouse & Sports Bar “Game’s On”: Commercial by FGV Media. I am: Dad.

Ace Plumbing and and Lighting Showroom “The Shower”: Commercial by Edan Cohen.

Blue Wire Media “Anti-Smoking PSA”: I am: Concerned Dad.

Big Ten Network BTN2Go App: I am: distracted golfer, Northwestern Grad.

Radio Shack: Christmas Promo by Phasmatrope Studios. I am: Dad.


Do No Harm: Television Pilot by Open 4 Business Productions, March 2012.  I am: Background.

The Abolitionists: PBS documentary by WGBH, Boston, May 2012.  I am: Background.

Political Animals: 6 hour event series by USA Networks, May 2012.  I am: Background.


Dead Awakening: Web series by Nicholas Ummarino.  I am: Professor Gaines.

Einstein Creative: IOS Radio News. I am: Rich Richardson, Anchorman.

UMDNJ: “Stroke: The Silent Killer” training video by Multimedia Dimensions I am: Narrator.

Learning Ally: 1in5 Initiative Dyslexia Information Hub. I am: The Host.

Trending Accessibility: Shower installations (corner and center). I am: The Installer/Narrator.

Music Video

Soul Musik: Donte Jedi video by Diamond Mind Films.  I am: Slave Overseer.

Road Rage is my Creed: Parody by Pat McErlean.  I am: Harrison, the Road Rager.

Training and Skills

Joella Arts.  Ongoing since 2004.

Taking Advantage of Social Media: Wickline Casting Workshop by Ryhm Guisse.

Getting Your Start in Television & Film: Workshop by Marc Bicking.

Martial Arts: Black Belt instructor, Tiger Schulmann’s, 2003-2006; Stage Combat (The North Star, The Traveler, A Prince Among Pawns, Avenger of Blood).

Coaching Kids: The Little Gym, 2008-2011.  Taught students ages 4 months-14 years.