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WE751 - Course Extra - 17th - 19th December, 2017 - Oslo.

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WE751 (Wed, Thu, Fri):

IBM DataPower Gateways Overview 7.0 - (Better Introduction)


Course pre-requisite

IBM DataPower Gateway Appliance V7.5.0 Technical Introduction VW750 (WBT) (Jim Brown)

Mar 2016

Youtube (49:02)


General course support

Reference Materials


HTTP Sample Packets:

Certificate Monitor Exercises

Certificate Monitor Solution:

Cert Monitor HTTP Service:

Certificate Monitor CLI external syslog:

(*** NOT currently working) Extension Functions example:

Extra CLI Exercise

Alternative to use of Deployment Policy objects (WE720, Exercise 5.7)

CLI to change configuration in another domain: change-configuration-studentnn_import_domain.cfg

Following PDF on Steve's Google Docs site (for ease of access)

*** DataPower Administrators Guide (XI50, 3.8.1, June 2010)

*** DataPower Command Reference (XI50, 3.8.1, June 2010)

*** DataPower Extension Functions (XI50, 3.8.1, August 2010)

WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance: The XML Management Interface

(XI50, 3.7, September 2008)


April 2013

*** these are no longer available from IBM

Java calling XMI WebService functions



GatewayScript Example

Json to SOAP

DataPower Monitoring Facility

This is a DataPower-based service, using XMI to find the status of other DataPowers.

Try the SVG link using Firefox or Chrome.

XMI to run a CLI script already on DataPower


XMI get contents of a folder in a specific domain in DataPower


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