PED 201 – Professor Yang

Lab Five

Name: Joe Meyer                 Date: Spring 2011

1. Task one: Reflection.

2. Task two: Object Control Skills Part B Worksheet.


1. Consider the activities/games that you have utilized so far during the past four labs.  Were they appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s?  Why or why not?  

I think my activities were appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s. My first lab of the year I played a tag game for the K-1st graders. It was my first time so I was a little nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. My game for the 3rd-6th graders was a success. We used the scooters that day and they didn’t want to stop playing my game which I thought was a good sign. With the pre K I read them a dinosaur train book and played a simple game in the gym with them. And for special projects I sang a Easter song which all the kids seemed to enjoy. I think the only part of my games was that I didn’t use all of the equipment at my disposal. There were times where I could have modified my game a little bit using different equipment and I didn’t do that all the time. Though for being my first time being exposed to this kind of environment I think I did a pretty good job. My games could have been even better if I had just used more innovation.

2. What might be some limitations to games or activities when using them in the process of assessing motor skills?

Some limitations could be the fact that a game could be too difficult for them to do. Sometimes we forget how young they are and big words or long, drawn out directions will not only confuse them but make them not interested anymore. Another limitation could be making the game to simple and doesn’t really show the true motor skill. Sometimes in situations where they need to move a little bit in order to do the skill, like kicking, they are standing still to kick. It shows them kicking the ball but it doesn’t show their approach to the ball and doesn’t show the complete motor skill. It sometimes is difficult to put the kids in perfect situations to be able to assess their motor skills but it is our job as physical educators to put them into those perfect situations as best we can in order for them to succeed.

MOTOR DEVELOPMENT LAB- Object Control Skills Part B

TGMD-2: Test for Gross Motor Development- Second Edition- Revised

Name of Student: Bob/ Suzy                Grade: K-1st         Age: 5, 6

Check if male: X or female: X

Object Control Skills- (Lab 5) Part B




Performance Criteria



1. Stationary Bounce with hand (dribbling)

Use a clear space, you can use a variety of playground balls or basketballs on a hard, flat surface.

During a game or activity, watch a student bounce a ball with their hand and/or dribble. Tell the student to bounce the ball using one hand.

  1. Contacts ball with one hand at about hip height.



  1. Pushes the ball with fingers (not a slap).



  1. Ball contacts floor in front of (or to the outside of) foot on the side of the hand being used.




Use a clear space, you can use a sponge ball or something soft.

During a game or activity, watch a student kick.

Place the ball on a line nearest the wall. Tell the student to kick the ball toward the wall.  

  1. Rapid continuous approach to the ball.



  1. The trunk is inclined backward during ball contact.



  1. Forward swing of the arm opposite kicking leg.



  1. Follow-through by hopping on the non-kicking foot.