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| Sunday, Aug. 12, 2012 |

@jason: The Tesla Model S came yesterday. I took a VC and a famous founder for a ride yesterday and they both signed up and begged me to ask Elon to move them up the list (he can do that if someone cancels--they don't change the order however for VIPs--it's first come first serve I understand).

My mini review (in progress): I have seen a reaction like this before: when someone handed you a CD and then put Pink Floyd's the wall in a huge CD player in 1986, or when someone let you hold their iphone for the first time in 2007.

That's how people react when they're in the Tesla Model S. it's mind blowing.

[ Disclosure: Elon and I are friends. We both invested in each other's companies five or six years ago--long before I owned a Tesla. Our kids go to birthday parties together, we have dinner sometimes and we live near each other in Los Angeles. I'm far from objective as he's a close friend and I admire him deeply as a entrepreneur. Since Steve Jobs died I consider Elon the top entrepreneur on the planet--hands down. So, this review is objective about the car--but I'm biased since I know the man. Note: I had a small amount of Tesla stock (10k shares), and I sold them after they doubled. After driving the Model S I'm thinking of buying more. ]

Yesterday I got series #000000001. The first car available to the public. How did I get this car? It's a long story, but basically I sent a $50,000 deposit to Tesla *before* they started accepting deposits. I begged them to cash it. They did, and as Tesla Roadster owner 16 I was able to get the top slot (they gave the first 100 Roadster folks first shot at the Model S).

The huge center display in the car is so far beyond what you expect from a car it's confounding. I opened a Google Doc of the LAUNCH Ticker and watched folks editing it in real time. Then I had my iPhone's cover art in the dashboard HUD (the drivers), along with 1st person directions--all while having what feels like two ipads on top of each other in landscape in the center console.

You can maximize and flip windows better than on your iPad. I wish my iPad had the dual window function--and I'm certain Apple will steal the concept. It's that natural and obvious when you see it. Two windows, one iPad: go!

The acceleration is terrifying.

Literally. If you're a passenger not expecting it you're going to scream like you're on a roller coaster. Being in a sedan your brain expects to coast--which the S does well--but if the driver feels like laughing they can secretly push the pedal to the floor and silently the car pins passengers to their seats before they know what happened.

Then as the world starts to blur like you're in the Millenium Falcon, you're doing 50, 60, 70 or 90 in 3, 4, 5 and 6 seconds (I have the performance model). All with no sign of stopping.

The acceleration simply doesn't stop. SNM ('Someone not me') took it from 0 to 100 and almost stained the seats getting while getting on the freeway. Again, SNM.

You feel like you're going to hit 88 and go back In time when the flux capacitor kicks in. It's bizarre. It's otherwordly.

Then there are dozens of details you discover. The Frunk, which can fit your overnight bags. The center console, which can also fit an overnight bag. Each of four wheel wells that, you guessed it, can each hold an overnight bag.

Oh yeah, there is a huge trunk that can hold two kids in jump seats or a dozen more overnight bags. With no engine, unlike a normal car, there is a lot more room. It's an SUV in a sedan's clothing.

The storage is absurd.

Oh yeah, there are cute little crew ports hidden on the roof under tiny flippable covers for bike racks and ski racks--and who knows what else Tesla will dream up.

This is the future delivered early, and it sets a standard that will keep the CEOs of Toyota and Mercedes up at night. Perhaps that's why they invested $100M each in the company two years ago. They understood they simply can't catch this comet--so they might as well grab a piece.

This car will sell wildly beyond expectations like the iPhone and iPad did, and if Musk can make a $30K version it will become the Apple of cars.

best @jason (After 24 hours)

@daltonc on reaching funding goal:reiterates that it's "just an alpha test"; still needs to create ToS; users have ~38 hrs left to claim Twitter usernames - Link 11:13AM surpasses $500K goal w/ $506,300 from 7.4K+ backers; 38 hrs left - Link 10:50AM

B&N cuts prices of its Android-based Nook tablets; Nook Color reduced to $149 (from $169), Nook Tablet 8GB reduced to $179 (from $199) & Nook Tablet 16GB reduced to $199 (from $249) - Link 9:32AM

| Saturday, Aug. 11, 2012 |

*******************Hyper Ticker email sent***********************

Interactive graphic shows Twitter mentions of Olympic stars per 1k followers over time; sortable by gender & medal type; Malaysian track cyclist Azizulhasni Awang had highest w/2,308 mentions per 1k followers 8/7 - Link 9:41AM

@jason comment: the New York Times is doing brilliant work with these infographics. The one with the runners over a century was exceptional as well. I wonder what the cost of making these are? $10k? $20k? Feels like five people over two weeks, which is 10 (hu)man weeks x $1,500 = $15k - 9:47AM 

YouTube not subject to $goog's new pirate penalty; if you try to report YT using form, you get warning not to use form & link to YT's copyright center; $goog denies treating TY differently - Link 9:23AM

$fb dropped off Glassdoor's list of top 25 companies for work-life balance; was 7th in '11; $lnkd was 8th in this yr's list - Link 9:15AM

Because Smsg was supplier, $aapl says it offered to license its patents for $30/phone & $40/tablet in Oct '10; also offered 20% discount if Smsg cross-licensed its patent portfolio back; $aapl estimated Smsg would have owed $250M in '10 & noted amt less than what it was spending on parts - Link 9:07AM


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