Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association

January 12, 2011


Hardy Whitten                                A. K. Wieder                                Peter Hedlund

Doug McGlothlin                        Evan Davis                                Lt. Steve Upman

Emerald Young                        Scott Bandy                                Tim Williams

Genii Williams                        Inessa Telefus                                Hillary Bracken

Bill Niebel                                Pat Healy                                Mike Farruggio

Tim Wilson                                Jeanne Siler                                Melanie Brede

Shirley Hanssen                        Joe Mooney                                Mary Wilson

Phil Chase                                S.L. Foard                                Peggy King

Jeanne Chase                                Steve Phipps                                Frank Heintz

Jess Wenger                                Adrienne Dent                                Richard Cappuccio

Ann Marshall                                Eric Pugh                                Jack Wilson

Kerry Hannon


CFD Smoke Detector Program

Evan Davis, EMT

(00:04 – 00:14)


Lt. Stephen Upman**

(00:14 – 00:22)

FSNA Planning Committee

Peter Hedlund

(0:22 – 0:28)

Tolbert Meeting Planning and City Hall Town Meeting

Hardy Whitten

(0:28 – 1:04)

Other Business and Announcements

 (1:04 – 1:28)

Other Business and Announcements (cont.)

Meeting Adjourned

(times in parenthesis refer to the audio recording)

**Update on 1/18/11:  Lt. Steve Upman and Matt Quatrara, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, reported that Mr. Duva was ordered by the court not to possess a BB gun or weapon of any kind.