Abiding Grace Lutheran Church

Launch Team Meeting

October 25, 2010

Attendees: Phil and Sally Hart, Jeff Trang, Kenn Mingus, Susie Henning, John Nelson, Dee Rose, Tonya Tomlin, Sue Dalbout, Carl Christensen, Lynette Clemens, Kim Saunders, Kim Haggerty, Nick Billardello


Kenn opened with devotions at 7:00pm using Jeremiah 14:7.

Congregational Meeting Nov 7th

If we increased giving by $500 a week, we would be totally self-supporting.  This includes a full time salary for Nick and an increase from $1500 to $2500 per month for the school. Nick mentioned that we need to remember where we were and think of what our vision is and then double it -- don't limit God.

We probably need a couple copies of the constitution available on the day of the meeting.

Officers and Steering Committee slate

President - Kenn Mingus

VP- Tim Draney

Secretary - Kim Saunders

Treasurer - Nolan Clemens

Running for steering committee -- Kim Haggerty, Don Renwick, Don Duvall (2 year terms)

Phil Hart, Susie Henning, John Nelson, Carl Christensen, Jeff Trang, Patty Langsdale (some 1 year and some 2 year terms)

Dee, Tonya, and Sue - will serve on committees such as Worship and Music, Altar Guild

Nick asked if the council can meet at the school after church on meeting dates.  The first meeting can be at the Hart's house.  The congregation is welcome to attend council meetings.  

Future committee recommendations and possible chairs

There are some other opportunities on the time and talent sheet.  

Each council member can be assigned to be a liaison to a committee.

Financial Report and Stewardship Plans

Carl presented the report.  

We have over $16,000 in the bank.

Each week, we average about $2300 in offerings.

Pledge cards and time/talent sheets will be passed out on Nov 7th to be returned on Nov 14th and 21st.

Ali Sakakeeney will give a temple talk as well as one other person.

The name will be optional on the pledge cards, but Lynette does some analytical work based on past giving.  She is unable to do this without names.  Lynette will be doing annual statements for this year.  Next year she will do quarterly statements.  

Carl and Nolan are attending synod stewardship training.  This is over three weekends.  This weekend is the first session.  The next two are in January and March.

EOCM grant - $5,000 in 2010 and $5,000 in 2011.  Phil urges us to use this money for mission type work.  This money will be earmarked for something other than the general fund.  

Other topics and updates

Tonya - Thanksgiving baskets.  She talked to Pastor Brad Carroll.  He doesn’t know of churches that need this.  Mount Olive serves over 1000 families around November.  Tonya is going to call them to see if they need help this year.  She would like to do about 40 baskets.  Baskets will be distributed Nov 7 and then they will be back on Nov 21st.

Nick - Tuesday night bible study.  He does not feel that we are visible enough to the community at Café Express.  How can the study be more inviting to others?  

November 21st - youth service.  

Christmas Eve - we have permission to use the school on Christmas Eve and also on Wednesdays during Advent.  The cost was $500 for 4 Wednesdays and Christmas Eve.  We chose to not have the Wednesday service on the 22nd.  Nick feels that it is important to have an early and a late service on Christmas Eve.  He thinks we should run a regular ad in the newspaper for our Christmas Eve service.  We can use some of our grant money to run a larger ad.  We can also do a direct mail postcard for the area.  

We need to visit our first time visitors.  We had two ladies visit last week that came from our small ad in the Courier.  Kim Haggerty will write them a note.  

We could also give each HMMA student a gift such as a Christmas ornament with a thank-you for the use of your school. Kenn suggested that Dee talk to the SS superintendent to see what we could do for the Montessori school. Sally will check with the school to see if we can do that.

Tonya said that Pastor Carroll's church provides a Thanksgiving meal on the weekend before Thanksgiving to area residents.  He is looking for volunteers.  Tonya will include this in her temple talk.

Congregational Leadership Academy.  Tuition is $500 for a team of three to five people.  Application is due November 15th.  Kenn will be attending; send him an email if you are interested.

New Ministry Profile -- we need a group of three to four people to draft this.  It is due on 12/31/10.  We have asked Sally, Jeff, and Kim H. and they are considering it.  The process is that the EOCM meets the first quarter of 2011 and then they will elevate us to a congregation under development or as a congregation.  This is a very important document.  

Susie - piano.  The piano showcase website has the best price for the piano dolly.  The door measures 34.5 inches.  She is going to check the dimensions of Patti's piano.  The piano dolly is about $400.  The preference is to have it in the music room.  We can negotiate with HMMA about regular tunings.

Sue - The choir sang last week on the stage which was better than on the floor.  Susie is singing a solo this week.  Sue needs special music on November 7th.  The choir will sing again on the 14th.  

This Sunday while Nick is attending a baptism in St. Louis, Vince Nelson will be our presiding pastor.  Phil or Kenn will be doing the announcements.  

Nick - Nov 4th, next Thursday night, the Mid-Cities Care Corps is having a fundraiser dinner.  Duane Buuck is very involved with this group. Mid-Cities Care Corps is involved with senior citizens in the mid-cities.

Nov 8th -- take Calvary staff out to lunch at 11:15.  Kenn, Nick, Carl, perhaps Nolan will attend.

Dee asked if we should continue the ad in the paper.  We will continue for now.

Membership sheets need to be announced again.  On the sign in sheets; we will revamp them to have member/guest checkmark.

Nick is authorized to get a printer that will allow us to print our own bulletins, etc.

Next meeting

LT party with spouses and significant others will be Nov 6th at Draney's.  Time to be determined (possibly 6:00pm)

Closing prayer -   Nick closed in prayer at 8:51pm.