Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Association

December 14, 2011


Andrea K Wieder

Hardy Whitten

Tim Williams

Genii Williams

Jane Smith

Terri DiCintio

Jeff Greer

Peter Hedlund

Susan Foard

Bill Niebel

Tim Wilson

Hiroshi Parker

Mary Wilson

Jack Wilson

Scott Bandy

Shirley M. Hanssen

Peggy King

James King

Joe Kopp

Pat Healy

Mike Farruggio

Kerry Hannon


Meeting Call To Order and Timing Assignments

(00:00:00 to 00:03:45)


Azalea Park/Garden Update

Hardy Whitten & Jack Wilson

(00:03:45 to 00:23:00)


JPA Bridge

Hardy Whitten

(00:23:00 to 00:32:16)

FSNA Communications

Hardy Whitten

(00:32:16 to 00:52:20)



Steep Slopes

(00:52:00 to 00:57:24)


Shamrock/Cherry Intersection Challenges

(00:57:24 to 01:01:10)


Water Supply Infrastructure City/County Cost Share

(01:01:10 to 01:02:57)

Sanitary Sewer Work on Jefferson Park Circle

(01:02:57 to 01:07:25)


(times in parenthesis refer to the audio recording)