BHBL Teachers Association Representative Council Minutes

September 23, 2010

Members Present: Jason Lasky, Mike Mosall, Andrew Haluska, Jen Adams, Valerie Wadsworth, Sue Cifaratta, Lyndsay Wilson, Aimee Miller, Stephanie Andrejcak, Raelene Noll, Mary Grasso, Kathy Yando, Andrew Lancaster, Rocco Montesano, Danielle Manning, Renee Tolan, Suzanne Rayome

The Rep. Council minutes from the September 7, 2010 meeting were approved.

The Treasurer’s Reports from June, July, and August 2010 were approved.

Brad Thomas was appointed TA Secretary for 2010-2011.

Discussion took place on new procedures for the committee/building reporting, action items, and topics requiring discussion. District committee minutes to should sent to the entire Teachers Association via First Class. Building Council minutes should be sent to the TA Secretary via First Class. Agendas will continue to be sent out prior to the meeting.

Work continues on the TA Handbook which has been further developed throughout the summer.  The goal is to create a resource for TA members as they take on leadership roles and to reference important information.  

The selection process for the TA negotiation was discussed.  A motion was made by Andrew Haluska for the TA to have the option to include up to two alternate members on the negotiation team.  These members will take on all responsibilities of the other negotiators with the exception of being present at the table with the district negotiation team.  Another motion was made to give each alternate a stipend for an amount that is 2/3 of the negotiator stipend ($1,103 for negotiator and $735 for alternate). Both motions passed.  An email will be sent out that explains the process and expectations to TA members from Jason Lasky.

A motion for the TA to spend $500 of VOTE-COPE funds to co-sponsor the Student Government Organization fireworks was made by Renee Tolan. VOTE-COPE funds do not come from member dues. Discussion took place which included the importance of the TA taking on more opportunities for positive public relationship.  Without the TA support, the tradition of fireworks at homecoming would end. Both Renee Tolan and Mike Mosall abstained from the vote as they are SGO co-advisors. The motion passed.

Mike Mosall made a motion for the TA to purchase a camera within the range of $200 to $250.  This camera will be used for documenting events and to further our public relations with the community.  The motion passed.

Mary Grasso spoke about the upcoming New Teacher Celebration on Thursday, October 7th.  The event will be held at Good Times restaurant this year.  Teachers will be introduced as they have in the past and be given a small welcome gift.  New teacher mentors are also strongly encouraged to attend with the new teachers.  

The One Nation Rally is taking place on Saturday, October 2nd.  An email with information about the event with a participation form was sent out.  There is a $20 fee for each participant.  Jason Lasky made a motion to pay the fee for the first ten interested TA members.  The motion passed.  

The TA Executive Board decided to call a Professional Council meeting with the Board of Education to discuss the role and importance of the Shared Decision Making process.  A time and date was proposed by the Board of Education, but it was felt that there was not adequate time to have the full discussion that is necessary.  Jason Lasky will contact the Board to find an acceptable date and time.  Executive Board members will be seeking member input on the Shared Decision Making process in the near future.  

The TA often receives requests for financial support from many organizations.  The organizations vary from local groups to national foundations.  Jason Lasky made a motion to create a $200 fund to provide $20 donations to the first ten organizations requesting support.  These donations would be used to extend TA-community relations.  This motion was tabled..

Discussion took place on the idea of tabling expenses for a month prior to acting upon the motion.  This practice was used in the past for any expenses over $100.  Some felt that this amount and/or practice was an obstacle to certain items of business that the TA deals with on a regular basis.  Currently all spending is accounted for through Treasurer Reports and all finances are audited annually.  This issue will be reexamined in the future.

The issue of discipline and how it is enforced was discussed.  Differences were found among buildings and a lack of consistency exists in some schools.  This is an issue that will be further examined and is planned to be a topic of discussion at the District Communication Council in October.  

There were concerns raised in the PowerSchool Implementation Committee over training and plans for the parent portal.  There seems to be a lack of communication in regards to the plans for this program.  This topic will be discussed at upcoming meetings and will remain a point on interest for the TA to discuss throughout the year.

A reminder was made that VOTE-COPE payroll deduction forms are due.

Stevens teacher Lisa Febraio will be the new TA Treasurer.  As there was only one candidate, there will not be an election.  The position will become official when the TA Secretary casts a vote for her at the next Rep. Council meeting.  In the meantime, she will be working with the current acting Treasurer, Mike Mosall, to ensure a smooth transition.

State aid payments for September 2010 have been delayed.  

There was a discussion on 504 plans and what they could contain as accommodations.  Also discussed was how they are updated, interpretation of regulations, and the responsibility of overseeing these plans.  

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.


Pashley BC report (submitted by Aimee Miller)

We held an August planning meeting in which we developed a tentative building goal.  At our recent September meeting the goal was approved.  Our 2010-2011 building goal is:

In alignment with the District’s established literacy goal, Pashley School will continue to develop students’ literacy skills and learning strategies, to improve student performance and achievement by focusing on students’ interaction, comprehension, and analysis of a variety of texts, their transfer and application of those skills, and the correlation to 21st Century learning.

We will continue to have monthly Character Education themes and grade levels are continuing to use “How Full is My Bucket?” activities.  Mrs. Bonacio shared a book by Shawn Covey entitled “7 Habits for Healthy Children”.  Teachers will have the opportunity to review the book for possible use in the future.