Fin is a neutered male. He is Brown short hair tabby

Date of birth (or an estimate): August 1997

Date of diabetes dx: 2000

Status: Regulated, on insulin

Insulin: Lantus, 3.5u BID (previously on ProZinc 3u BID)

Oral diabetes medications: None

We hometest BG: Yes

Meter: AlphaTrak

We regularly do BG curves: Yes

Hx of complications: None

Current health issues: None

Current medications: None

Past health issues: None

Corticosteroid use: None

Brand Name: Blue

Formula: Any pate - we rinse off gravy

Consistancy: Wet or Canned

Amount fed per meal: AMPS 3 oz, +6 1.5 oz, PMPS 3 oz, +6 1.5 oz

Number of meals/day: 4

How is food given in relation to the insulin shots? Shot given at the beginning of the AM/PMPS meals

We use Janet and Binky(GA)'s foodcharts: Used to - now understand what to look for thanks to these boards and in what works for Fin.

Other Information about Fin:

I adopted Fin and his sister, Sea in May 2010, but have their entire life medical history from the vet.

Civilians and Other FurKids

Sea is Fin's 10lb sister cat. She was abused and hid for the first two weeks after I brought her home but she has since come around to trusting me. Her belly is so soft that I call her Chinchilla. She likes to bully my 42 lb Basenji/Terrier mutt, MiAmor, who has a healthy respect for cats. MiAmor is also a rescue that I got when I was working at Lifeline Puppy Rescue in Colorado. I brought her home at 7 weeks and she is now 8 years old. I love my fur babies!

About Barbi

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Location: Mountain View, CA