CAP – STACOM 2012 Terms of Data Usage Agreement


  1. CAP (Cardiac Atlas Project) is a world-wide collaborative project to establish a standardized database cardiac imaging examinations together with derived analyses, for the purpose of statistical characterization of global and regional heart functional abnormalities to the research communities.
  2. STACOM (Statistical Atlases and Computational Modeling of the Heart) is a MICCAI workshop, which holds this LV landmark detection challenge.
  3. LV Landmark Detection Challenge or The Challenge is an open challenge to automatically detect anatomical landmark points from 4D cardiac cine-MRI data.
  4. Participant is a researcher or a research group who wishes to participate in The Challenge and commits to contribute their detection results to the STACOM 2012 workshop.
  5. CAP—STACOM2012 data or The Data is a collection of test set and validation sets, which are used for The Challenge.
  6. DETERMINE is a multicenter, randomized study of patients with coronary artery disease and mild to moderate left ventricular impairment [Kadish2009].
  7. Test Set is a collection of 100 randomly selected cases, each consists of:
  1. Short-axes and long-axes views of cardiac cine-MRI data from the DETERMINE cohort, and
  2. The corresponding integer-valued CAP ground truth images.
  1. Validation Set is a collection of 100 randomly selected cases (disjoint from the test set), each consists of short-axes and long-axes views of cardiac cine-MRI data from the DETERMINE cohort. The Validation Set is randomly divided into five sub-groups, each of which contains 20 cases.
  2. The Organizer is CAP researchers.

Terms and conditions

  1. General CAP agreement: The Participant agrees to the general CAP Policies and Procedures for Data Distribution, with the specific conditions defined in the subsequent items are applied.
  2. Restricted use: The Data will be used by The Participant solely for the purpose of The Challenge. That includes the use of The Data during the development, training, testing, analysis and validation of a detection algorithm.
  3. Publication: The Participant commits to write a scientific paper describing the methodology of the detection algorithm used in this challenge, how The Data are used in The Challenge, and the analysis of the detection result. The paper will be submitted to the STACOM 2012 workshop.
  4. Submission: The Participant agrees to submit his/her/their detection results from one or more The Validation Set sub-groups to The Organizer.
  5. Collation study: The Participant grants permissions to The Organizer to use his/her/their detection results from The Validation Set in a collation study. The Participant also grants permissions to The Organizer to publish the collation study to a scientific journal. Proper acknowledgment to The Participant will be provided in the collation study.
  6. Availability: The Participant grants permission to allow her/his/their detection results to be made available on the CAP database site for research purposes.