Using PayPal for MET Academy Payments

When paying fees, be sure to designate your donation by including the singer’s name on the form (see instructions below). If no designation is provided, your generous gift will be placed by our program priority list based on goals set each season.

Fee Payments for MET Academy should use the following process:

  1. Enter the amount, in dollars, in the Donation Amount field.
  2. Click on the Update Total button.

Paying without a PayPal account

To make a donation without a PayPal account, fill in the information in the lower left corner of the page (see below).

Paying with your PayPal account

To make a donation with your PayPal account, log in to your PayPal account in the lower right corner of the page (see below).

Enter Your Singers Name in Special Instructions area

This step is critical. After entering payment information, click on the Add special instructions to the seller link (see below) to add comments and your singer’s name to the payment.