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The Stories of Darth Dendory

7- Visions


At first I was apprehensive as to what would happen when we met with the dock master. My experience from Coruscant and Naboo certainly showed that this could be a tense moment. However, Jarod quickly secured permission for us to park here using the few credits he had.

While we walked out of the space port and into the city proper, he smiled at me and commented "Credits buy a lot in this galaxy, and Cinnagar is certainly no exception. We won't have any nonsense ID issue here. However those were my last credits, I don't even have enough for us to get a room somewhere."

I nodded at his comment, although my mind was mostly on my surroundings. This was a beautiful city, filled with exotic looking people. The streets were packed, like on Coruscant, but I could feel something very different about this place. I had always assumed that what I felt about Coruscant was just what everyone felt like in the endless city. But the difference here was striking, almost like I could feel a part of the whole population inside of me, and I was starting to wonder if there wasn't more to it than I realized.

Strange feelings

Not an hour after leaving the ship, I suddenly felt very strange. I stopped and brought a hand to my head, feeling light headed, like some invisible hand was pulling my brain up into the sky. Jarod looked at me curiously. "What's going on? Are you okay?" I nodded, hating to display any kind of weaknesses.

Back in my old life, appearances meant much. Displaying a confidence, a sense of power, meant that others would fear and respect you without the need for bloodshed. That's just one of the many lessons my father wisely thought me.

But now, the combination of the strange feelings of this place, and this sudden light headedness, was overwhelming. Still, I stood up and kept walking, ignoring the feelings. However, a few feet later, the sensation came back even stronger, then something happened. Something that had never happened to me before.

While I was standing, struggling to stay up on my feet, everything around me suddenly changed. I had a vision. I saw another place, somewhere I had never been before. It looked like some kind of palace. Right in front of me was a window, high on a brick wall, looking into a room, where an old man was busy sitting at a desk.

Then, in my vision, a shadowy figure came from the side, on the balcony, and walked up to the window. It slowly, quietly went in, and walked up behind the man. Then, suddenly, the figure pulled out a long sword made of pure red light, and impaled the man with it. The vision ended, and I screamed out, stunned at what had just happened.


It took a long moment before I came back fully to my senses. Jarod had carried me to the corner of a building and sat me on the porch. He was looking down at me with a puzzled expression.

"Are you alright, girl? You acted all strange back there. Everyone was looking at us, not a very effective way to hide." I thought about what I had seen for a moment, then replied. "I.. I had some kind of dream, a vision of something. I felt light headed and everything around me changed. I saw.. another place. A palace, and a man being murdered."

Jarod seemed skeptical. "Are you sure it's not the emotion, the stress? I've never heard anything like that." I looked at him with an angry expression. "I know what I saw!" He shrugged and pointed at the sky. "Well, whatever you want to think. Either way it's getting dark up there, we need to find a place to stay."

I was forced to agree. Whatever this strange thing had been, finding a place to stay for the night was a more immediate issue. I stood back up, relieved that whatever I felt earlier was gone now, and started walking. Jarod seemed to believe there would be some shelter in the upper city, so we headed that way.


We walked for a bit longer, going up some steps in a side street, going around buildings and closed shops. By now it was fairly dark, and the streets were much less crowded. But then, just as we walked around a corner, something caught my eye. Up in the distance, above a low building, I spotted the side wall of a palace. In fact, it was the palace. The one from my vision. The window, the balcony, the brick wall, it looked exactly the same.

Jarod stopped and looked at me, wondering what was going on. He saw where I was looking at and commented "That's the Koros Palace, where the King rules over this world." But it was too much of a coincidence. I needed to know, to see. I quickly started walking towards the wall, over Jarod's objections. "Wait! Where are you going, we need to.."

As I got near the outer wall, with Jarod reluctantly following behind me, I got close enough to get a good view of the place, but couldn't see inside of the window from outside of the palace wall. But it turned out I didn't need to. A moment later, I saw the same shadowy figure come in.

While I did not see the murder, I heard the sound of the sword of light, and the scream from the man being murdered. I stood there, looking up at the window, motionless. I couldn't believe it was all happening for real. Then, the figure came out, and stopped, as if it had seen something. Suddenly, the strange figure brought its hood down, and looked directly at me, from several yards away.

I saw her perfectly. It was a human female, she had tanned skin, and long black hair. She was dressed in a full black outfit, and somehow, she had sensed me. She had removed her hood, and looked directly in my direction. After a moment, she displayed a very slight smile, before bringing her hood back up, and vanishing into the night.