Echo Squad Design Document

Project started 10/?/11

Revived 5/9/12

Art - Ozoh

Programming - Belimoth

Feature Timeline: 

   I. Terrain/Scenery

   II. Level Editor

   III. Controls/Combat

   IV. Classes

   V. HUD

   VI. Vehicles

   VIII. Objectives

   IX. Menus

   X. Networking

Basic Concept

  Echo Squad is a tile-based, 2d platform multiplayer shooter, heavily inspired by the Battlefiel series. It’ll feature all four classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic, Recon), classic game modes like Rush, TDM and Conquest, plus vehicles like tanks, jets and UAVs.

Graphical Style

  A bit colorful, cartoon-ish and unrealistic in every way.



  The assault relies on high-powered, semi-accurate and low-ammo assault rifles. He has an ammo kit which makes him very useful class on the battlefield.

  His strategy is to attack straight, and reload often.


  - Assault rifle - ACC 0,5 - DMG 0,6 - Ammo 21 - Reload time 3 secs

  - Pistol - ACC 0,6 - DMG 0,4 - Ammo 9 - Reload time 2 secs

  - Ammo kit - Reload time 5 sec, only one can be out at a time.

Base stats

  - Base speed of 1

  - Base HP of 1


  Engineer uses his quick moving speed and low-power SMG to flank behind targets. Against vehicles he’s definitely the most useful class because of his high-power RPG. His repair tool also makes him a great support class.


  - SMG - ACC 0,6 - DMG 0,4 - Ammo 30 - Reload time 2,5 secs

  - RPG - DMG 0,7 - Ammo 1 - Reload time 10 secs

  - Repair tool - 5hp/sec for max ten seconds. Three secs reload time.


  - Base speed of 1,1

  - Base HP of 0,9


  Medic is the healer class. He is able to throw supportive medkits around. He can also give support fire with his low-acc LMG. Whether it’s attacking or defending, he and his medkits are always welcome (unless he’s griefing).


  - LMG - ACC 0,4 - DMG 0,3 - Ammo 50 - Reload time 5 secs

  - Pistol - ACC 0,6 - DMG 0,4 - Ammo 9 - Reload time 2 secs

  - Medkit - Reload time 5 secs, only one can be out at a time.


  - Base speed of 0,9

  - Base HP of 1


  This sharpshooter uses his high-accuracy sniper rifle and airstrikes to assassinate the enemies. He can also prone instead of crouching, which makes him smaller target for enemy soldiers.


  - Sniper rifle - ACC 0,9 - DMG 0,8 - Ammo 5 - Reload time 3 secs

  - Pistol - ACC 0,6 - DMG 0,4

  - Airstrike


  - Base speed of 0,85

  - Base HP 0,8 (Lowest)



  Russian and American army forces fight each other in forest-y environment. Various vehicles like tanks and jet fighters included.

Game modes


  On the map, there are three neutral flags. The teams fight for their control. When a team controls a flag, it can use it as a spawn point.

   Each team has 100 spawn points. These are reduced by killing enemies and controlling the objectives on the map. A team loses when its spawn points drop to zero.



Jet Fighters

Brainstorm by Belimoth

Other Notes

  - We probably can’t use real weapon names because of licencing stuff.

  - Are we going to sell this? If we are, how?

// Otso “Ozoh” Haavisto, 5/14/2012 in Helsinki, Finland