EDU 255

Verbal Transcription of Lab D

(Talking to Entire Class)

Alright everybody good afternoon and welcome

My name is Mr. D and to get the ball rolling today I figured I’d start us off with a game of Ultimate Frisbee

Since I know we all loved Ultimate Frisbee so much this semester

So right now I have your teams

Team One is Mark, Laura, Ryan, Tim, Rob and Nick

Team Two is Jen, Greg, Kayla, Ben, Kevin, Andrew and Holly

So Team One can stand right over here

Team Two can go all the way down there

Alright, so… Tim why don’t you go down there

There’s going to be an uneven team, so one team gunna have one other person so it really doesn’t matter

Team Two why don’t you throw to Team One

And we will get this party started

Let’s Go!

Everyone has 30 seconds of game play left


Can I have everyone bring it in over here

Did everyone enjoy that game of Ultimate?

We all remembered how to play?

Alright, we’re getting our hands warmed up

Alright so again my name is Mr. D

My signal of attention for today is either going to the music or voice, which either one I’ll let you know

Safety statement for today is to please keep your hands to yourself

Please keep your hands on your own cups

I don’t want anybody running over and knocking down somebody’s stack that’s rude and inappropriate

And if you do I will take your cups away and there will be consequences

Also be aware of your surroundings

We may be running around or running near each other

So please keep an eye out for anybody else in the vicinity

So lucky for guys I am great friends with Bob Fox, the creator and founder of speed stacking

I just got off the phone with him and he’s looking to put together a team for Nationals

Nationals are going to be held in Rochester I believe or Worlds

But he’s looking to put together a team of Kenneth Liao and Kennard Gardner type skills

You guys look a little puzzled

You guys don’t know who that is do you?

No you don’t

Alright well lucky for you I have some videos that I want you guys to watch

This is Kenneth Liao’s 3-3-3 stack

Can everybody see? If you can’t see just move over

If you blink you may miss it

Just warning

That was a 3-3-3 stack

Do you guys think you’re up to that challenge?

This is Kennarh Gardner

This is his 3-6-3 stack

Kenneth and Kennard both broke the world record this year

And he did his in 2.08 seconds

So as you can see it’s crazy how fast these kids are moving their hands

Speed Stacking works on using both sides of the brain

It’s working on um becoming ambidextrous

And with speed stacks you can incorporate fitness and all these other elements so it’s not just cup stacking

It’s the whole body that’s getting involved

This is the last video I’m going to show you guys

This is a full cycle

This is not a full cycle

This is the not the video I wanted

This is the video of a full cycle

What a full cycle is a 3-6-3 a 6-6 and 1-10-1

This young gentlemen has the record and he’s had it since 2009

And that was a full cycle in 6.77 seconds

If you weren’t paying attention you probably missed it but that’s okay

So by the end of today’s lesson our goal is to have everybody stacking a 3-3-3 stack and 3-6-3 stack

Learning the proper way to up stack and down stack

So right now what I’m going to do is demonstrate for you a 3-3-3 stack and 3-6-3 stack

So if you guys wanna come on in and get a closer look

These are the speed stacking mats

These are official mats

And what this is this is a timer

What you wanna do is you wanna put your hands on the timer

So you’ll turn it on

There’s 12 cups to a stack

So basically what a 3-3-3 stack is 3 cups 3 cups and 3 cups

What you do is you reset it

Put your hands on the timer

What you wanna do is you wanna go right left right

Right, left

Right, left

Then you wanna come back to the beginning

Down stack

And then you’d hit the timer

That was pretty slow so I’ll run through it again

Also there’s cues on those posters

What you wanna do is have your hands on the side

You don’t want your cups like this

You don’t want your hands on top of the cups because that just causes a mess

So what you wanna do is have a nice soft touch and be smooth with it

Hands on the side

And that’s the 3-3-3

Now if someone wants to come

Ben do you want to demonstrate for everybody?

(Talking to Ben)

Now Ben have you ever cup stacked before?

(Talking to Entire Class)

Alright who hasn’t cup stacked?

Who has never cup stacked

(Talking to Laura)

Laura come on up

Now Laura has never cup stacked

If you’re right handed start with your right

If you’re left handed start with your left

Right-handed people usually start on their left

Left-handed people usually start on their right

So hold it down and then you let go

Right, Left

Right, Left

Right, Left

Start at the beginning


(Talking to Entire Class)

Now see what happened there at the end

Laura fumbled

And that’s okay as long as you fix your fumble that’s fine

So if I’m stacking

And let’s say that falls over

I can’t go to the next stack

I have to fix this stack and then I can continue

A fumble won’t hinder you at all there’s no penalty

The only penalty is you have to go back and fix it before you can start another stack

Now I’m going to show you guys the 3-6-3

The cues are also up on that poster

So for the 3-6-3

So you have 3 cups, 6 cups and 3 cups

So you’ll up stack your 3

Now for the 6 this get’s pretty tricky

For most students um most students tend to grab 4

Sometime they’ll grab 5

Sometime’s they’ll grab everything but that last cup

So what you want to do is you want to feel the cups

You want to feel 1…2…3…

If you grab a stack that’s okay just drop it down

Then you want to have 3 in your right hand and 2 in your left

So if you’re left handed they’ll have 3 in their left and 2 in their right

So once you have 3 in your right, 2 in your left then you just wanna stack

So you go Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

No once you get to the top

Now we’re going to down stack

So down stacking is a little bit different

You want to think of it as having ski hands

You’re hands are skiing

So you want to have your right hand, your dominant hand on top of the very top of the um top cup

And then you want to have your left hand at the cup to the left

So then you’ll just bring it down, Stack em’ and that’s the 3-6-3

So who else has never cup stacked?

Has everybody in here cup stacked?

(Talking to Rob)

Rob you want to come up and try this

I know you do


So put your hands on the timer

So you want to feel the cups


Then you want to take two in your left hand

Nope you want to put the left one down

You always go right left right left

So yup lift that one up

Put that one down

Then go to the 3

Now all the way to the beginning

Yup that’s fine you can do it that way

So then you want skier hands

So Hand on top and hand on this one


Put em’ together

(Talking to Entire Class)

Rob did a great job!

Let’s give Rob a round of applause!

Rob did a great job

But the one thing I noticed when Rob was stacking

Was he got up pretty well, he got up pretty well

But when he stacked he went like this

You have to always alternate hands

And that’s one thing you have to remember

Is always alternate your hands

So if you put a cup down with the right you have to put a cup down with the left

So right now what I want everyone to do is get into a single file line

You guys can pick any color cup

Get into partners

So Mark you’ll be with Laura

Ryan you’ll be with Tim

Rob you’ll be with Nick

Jen you’ll be um you’ll be with Ben

And Kev you’ll be Andrew

And there will be one group of 3 so Holly you can join Kevin and Andrew

If you guys want to take a mat, you can take a mat as well

I have mats over here

Also take an assessment sheet you guys will be assessing each other

There’s pens here

Just find a spot on the floor away from other groups


There may not be enough mats for everybody

So if not everyone gets a chance to use the mat we’ll rotate everybody

You only need one mat per group

Did everyone get an assessment sheet?

Does everyone have a pen?

There should be one pen between groups

Does everyone have a mat?

Does everyone have a pen?


(Talking to Mark)

Alright Mark let’s see!

Good job!

Just remember to always start on the left

(Talking to Rob)

Let me see your down stack

Very Good!

(Talking to Nick)

Nick we want to make sure we’re stacking not building

(Talking to Jen)

Very nice Jen!

You had your hands on the side!

(Talking to Ben)

Ben can you use the timer for me?


Just remember to fill out the assessment sheet

(Talking to Entire Class)

Everybody now that you have some practice in

Remember you have to fill out the assessment sheet

These assessment sheets you’ll be filling out I will be collecting and looking over and handing them back and you’ll have to post them to your blog later on this week

So as soon as you get your assessments done come up and hand them into me

And we’ll be wrapping things up

Alright so why don’t we have everyone bring it in

That’s alright if you didn’t get to do your assessment we’ll get to them next class

So bring up your cups

Ugh Just put them on the floor

Ugh Hand me your pens and papers and ugh we’ll debrief

So why don’t we have everyone just bring on in over here

Just put the cups down I’ll take care of them

Awesome job today everybody!

I saw a lot of great things!

I saw a lot of soft touch

Everybody had the right form

Once you get the right form the speed will come

Just get the form down that’s the biggest thing

There were some mistakes but everything correctable

So you guys did an awesome job

I’ll be happy to tell Mr. Fox that I have some athletes in this class

Now what are some cues for the 3-3-3 without looking Nick

Show of hands


But the cues I said a few them probably 30 seconds ago


Where do your hands go?

How about for the 3-6-3 what are some of the cues?

Feel the cups

Skiing hands

And how do you grab the cups?

How many should be in each hand?