Chairman:  Mr T May Tel:  01752 851031

Clerk:  Mrs Vicki White Tel:  01503 232771 Email:

Website –

A meeting of St Germans Parish Council will be held at the British Legion, Tideford on 22 August 2011 at 7.30pm

(Planning Applications will be available from 7.00 pm)


Public participation for a maximum of 10 minutes

1.        Police Report

            Not possible to obtain a licence for Police bollards. If we have a need for a

            large number we should contact Highways at Notter Bridge

2.        Apologies for absence

3.        Approval of Minutes of Meeting held on 25 July 2011

4.        Matters arising from the previous minutes

4.1        Highways – ongoing issues

            Vegetation along the westbound A38 between Tideford and the junction

            with the B3249 to St Germans

4.1.1    Highways – new items

4.2       Nut Tree

            As requested, the clerk has asked the Editor to publish the following in the

            September issue:  

            Future Funding of the Nut Tree

            St Germans Parish Council has concerns as to whether the ongoing costs of

            the Nut Tree, shared with Deviock Parish Council can be justified. We ask that

            all residents of St Germans, Polbathic, Tideford and Bethany consider if they

            wish to continue to contribute to and receive the Nut Tree as at present and ask

            that those with a view one way or the other attend the Parish Council meeting

            on 26.9.11 at the Eliot Hall at 7.00pm

4.3       Xtravert Ramps

            Planning advise that provided the ramps are for the purpose of a function

            exercised by the Parish Council and would not exceed 4 metres in height or

            200 cubic metres in capacity planning permission will not be required        

4.4       Local Maintenance Partnership 2011/12

            Clerk has made the interim claim following the first cut of the footpaths.

4.5       Bus Shelter

            Cornwall Council may be able to reimburse us for the cost of the bus shelter

5.        Playparks

            The clerk has asked Digley Associates to carry out the annual inspection of the

            play parks

5.1        St Germans

            Wicksteed Playscapes have now attended the site and carried out the necessary

            remedial works

5.2        Tideford


6.        Burial Ground

6.1       Can the visibility, when driving out of the burial ground, be improved?

6.2       The purchase of the additional land from Port Eliot is now progressing and

            planning permission has been given for the change of use.

6.3       Application from Martin & Sons for an additional inscription to the Memorial

            Tablet in memory of Mrs Margaret Watty and for the Memorial Tablet to be

            placed as before at Plot H11. Quercus will need to level sufficient space to

            accommodate the Memorial Tablet as the grave is not due to be levelled until

            Spring 2012. See 7.12.

6.4       Mrs M P Stephens requesting that the ashes of the late John Paul Stephens be

            interred in the grave of his mother, Mrs F Stephens at Plot A7 and that

            permission be given for a second Memorial Tablet on the grave in his


7.        Finance

7.1       The Audit Commission has completed the work on the 2010/11 Audit. The

            Notice was displayed on all notice boards on 4.8.11.

7.2       Eliot Hall hire for 23.5.11 and 25.7.11 - £28

7.3       Barclays i-sure data back up invoice for July 2011 - £3.30

7.4       Cost of Epson SX515W printer from Computer Accessories - £85

7.5       Laser Industries Ltd invoice for 5 x ‘Parish Council’ for new notice boards –


7.6       Quercus invoice for grasscutting and levelling 3 graves at burial ground - £810

7.7       EDF invoice for Tideford Lighting from 1.5.11 to 31.7.11 - £27.85

7.8       A Cradick & Son invoice for 6 x grave boards - £80

7.9       Donation of £10,000 to Polbathic Recreation Room towards the costs of re-

            building Polbathic Village Hall. This was authorised by the Chairman and Cllr

            Elliott and had been agreed by all Cllrs on 27.4.11 (7.7)

7.10     Quercus invoice for works to the hedge at Tideford Play Park and hedges,

            footpath and play park fence at St Germans - £550

7.11     Clerks expenses for August 2011 - £43.19

7.12     Cheque for £35 from Martin & Sons for additional inscription on Memorial

            Tablet at Plot H11 (see 6.3)

7.13     Request from the Tideford Senior Citizens Fund for a donation towards the

            cost of their annual coach trip

7.14     Cornwall Council invoice for the Nut Tree printing for July 2011 - £114.45

7.15     Audit Commission invoice for 2010/11 Audit Fee - £480

8.        Planning Applications

            The following planning application was received after the July Agenda had

            been circulated:

8.1       PA11/05401

            Land at Granary, Polbathic                                          Mr P Tamblyn

            Proposed installation of 82 solar PV panels on aluminium ground frames.

            Parish Council Ratification is required for this application – see 8.2 of the

            meeting on 25.7.11.    


            The following application has also been received:

8.2       PA11/04465

            Tideford Methodist Church, Bridge Road                 Saltash Methodist Circuit

            Conversion of the existing chapel to 2 residential units and adding new

            openings to enable good access and internal daylight levels    

9.        Planning Decisions

            The following applications have been approved by Cornwall Council:

9.1       PA11/04506

            Land adjacent to St Germans Burial Ground                  Cllr D Elliott

            Change of use of agricultural land to provide additional cemetery ground and

            construction of post and rail fencing and associated works  

9.2       PA11/03467

            5 Lower Fairfield, St Germans                                       Mr Oxford

            Construction of double detached garage in rear garden  

9.3       PA11/04355

            1 Wood View Terrace, Church Road, Tideford              Mr T Heath

            Creation of new access to hardstanding/parking area in rear garden[

10.        Planning Correspondence and Reports

10.1     East Sub-Area Planning Committee on 17.8.11 at Liskeard

10.2     Local Council Planning Forum – Invitation for 1 Cllr to attend a meeting on

            3.10.11 at 5.30pm at St Austell One Stop Shop. The main topic will be

            Neighbourhood Planning and responses are needed by 16.9.11

10.3     PA11/04347 - Little Cutcrew, Tideford.

11.        Correspondence Received

11.1     Barclays confirming that compensation has increased from £50,000 to £85,000

            from 31.12.10 in the event of a financial institution failing

11.2     Revised Cornwall Council Contact List for Town and Parish Councils - copy

            for clerk and Chairman but electronic pdf file version also available.

11.3     Sheryll Murray MP asking that everyone sign the e-petition to keep

            Coastguard Stations open –

11.4     Cornwall Council Electoral Services – standardised notice of vacancy

            template for use by all Town and Parish Councils

11.5     Town & Parish Cemetery Charges across Cornwall - June 2011

11.6     D B Landscapes introducing himself as suggested by a local Councillor

11.7     Code of Conduct. Copies of the CALC Issues Paper and both Legal Briefings

            to all Cllrs – CALC will be holding 2 meetings in Sep/Oct to discuss this


11.8     Copy of the Landulph Parish Plan from Andrew Butcher – also available

            on-line or from the clerk

11.9     East Cornwall local action group – Defra has allocated £1.8m for the lifetime

            of the programme. They have 30 projects already but do want further projects

            and enquiries

11.10   Community Network Manager, Cornwall Gateway – the recruitment process

             has commenced with interviews planned for 19.8.11

11.11    Proposed Farmers Market at Kernow Mill. Public Meeting on 17.8.11 which

             has been advertised on all notice boards and all Cllrs on email advised

11.12   Consultation document for Saltash Town Framework

11.13    St Gennys Parish Council asking that a survey be completed on interaction

             with Cornwall Council Planning Officers – completed by clerk

11.14    Rural Services Network – weekly email news digest

11.15    Allotments – management systems training for landowners, parish councils

             and community groups – copied to Port Eliot

11.16    Sustainable Gov – latest public service news

11.17    RHS – Britain in Bloom

11.18    SLCC Agenda for the Cornwall Branch Meeting on 17.8.11 at Bodmin and

             Minutes of the meeting on 4.5.11

11.19    SLCC Cornwall Branch Newsletter – August 2011

11.20    Nut Tree – August edition

11.21    Great Trees Project – the next phase

11.22    Rural Services Network – short survey for those delivering services to older


11.23    Sutcliffe Play – play spaces for communities and parishes

11.24    Payroll Services from DCK Beavers Ltd for VAT calculations

11.25    Vital Venues for all community  buildings across Cornwall – saving money

             on insurance costs

11.26    Blackberry Business Advisor – what holidays are your employees entitled to?

11.27    Advertising the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service in parish


11.28    Caradon Monthly Walks in August and September – 7.9.11 Porthpean/Black

             Head Walk, St Austell

11.29    60th Jubilee Celebrations – possibility of joining Callington Town Council

             with tree planting to mark the occasion

11.30    CALC’s The Week Issues 37, 40, 41 including training sessions at Bodmin –

             Chairmanship Training on 28.9.11 – Powers Duties and Precepts on 26.10.11  

11.31    Cornwall Council Funding Bulletin – Arts & Culture, Business & Economy,

             Community, European International, Research, Schools & Education – only

              page 1 printed but available from clerk

11.32    Cornwall Council Inquiry Day – 19.8.11 – Proposed Changes to the Subsidy

              for Concessionary Bus Fares

11.33    Cornwall Council – Localism Monthly Report – July 2011

11.34    Cornwall Gateway CN Panel Notes from 1.8.11 – next meeting 3.10.11

12.        Informal Correspondence