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Donations -- $25,
Smiles -- priceless.

Single moms need love too!

(Who do you think is heading up the families?)

"The ladies who come through His Sheltering Arms are each a better person having had the benefit of your wisdom, knowledge , talent , and your beautiful , quiet and calm spirit. The books and workshops are life changing. Thank you for continued support."

Fannie Upshaw
His Sheltering Arms
Community Outreach Coordinator

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Moms receive gift bags in the shelters

(the faces of the moms and their children are intentionally blurred to maintain the security of the shelters)

In addition to giving gift bags to shelter clients to make them feel valued, we are able to give cash to the shelters so their services are valued. Legal Aid used their $1000 to purchase a digital camera and printer. The camera had double duty. During office hours, pictures are taken of their abused clients as court evidence. On the weekends they take pictures of happy couples and families at expo’s who give a donation for capturing the memories of the day.  Those donations are used to offset court filing fees for clients.

In addition to the gift bags for the moms, we provide toys and goodies for them to share with their families.




Gift Bags include:

  • Organza lavender drawstring bag
  • Inspirational mini-guide book
  • Travel size toiletries
  • Chocolates and other goodies
  • Delivery to Single Moms

Click here for a peek inside.

This inspirational mini guide-book:

  • Provides in-depth thoughts about 52 life-lessons for contemplation and discussion
  • Contains 52 uplifting affirmations which are easy to read, even after an exhausting day
  • Includes a personalization page for gift givers
  • Guides you with a daily activities chart
  • Makes inspiration easy to find with a page-numbered, alphabetized table of contents

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