Meet the Gang


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  Iggman (“Iggy”) the Turtle – Cleverly yet cautiously approaching the world surrounding him, Iggman seeks the simple pleasures of life. Unusual for turtles, Iggy battles bouts of claustrophobia.  He tempers his affliction by frequently giving the outside of the shell a good coat of wax.  Become Iggy's Fan and email adventure ideas to him at

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  Radic the Dragonfly – Radic epitomizes the word “bug.”  Radic stirs up trouble wherever he flies.  This pesky but lovable cad is the self-proclaimed “best friend” of Iggman the Turtle. Become Radic's Fan and email him ideas on how he can pester Iggy at


  Cabby the Bullfrog  This techo-frog’s DNA was altered by pollution during the critical tadpole stage.  As a result, Cabby’s brain developed instead of his legs.  Cabby’s genius lies in the scientific realm with heavy emphasis on computers and physics.  Become Cabby's Fan and give him more scientific experiment ideas by emailing him at


  Roc the Raccoon – Charming and endearing to a fault, Roc possesses an uncanny ability to recognize the reality of most situations.  As the local rogue, he gets through life by living out of dumpsters and trash cans and picking up odd jobs from Cabby. Become Roc's Fan and give him rummaging and parenting advice. Roc's email is