EDU 255

                   Verbal Transcript Lab A2

“To whole class” - My name is Jake Rogalia and I’m going to be teaching you playing defense

in basketball. For right now let’s get out 3 basketballs.

“ To the whole class”- When you’re playing defense you want to make sure that you’re in a

good stance and make sure you have your knees bent so it will make it easier to turn.Now what

you want to do is have one hand down in order to protect the crossover and your other hand up to

protect the pass.

“To the whole class” -So what were going to do is have everyone start off on the line and I’m

going to have you shuffle, everyone line up on the blue line.

“To the whole class”- Now I’m going to point a certain way and you’re going to shuffle which

way I point, alright ready?

“ To the whole class”- Alright, that was good.

“To the whole class” -Next thing is that you’re going to line up in a line and were going to work

on going backwards and opening up your hips and switching.

“ To the whole class” -So let’s line up on the black line. I’ll do the same thing, I’ll point which

way I want you to go.

“ To the whole class” Alright now let’s partner up, give yourselves enough room. The person

with the ball, you’re going to dribble all the way down to the other end and dribble back and

forth then were going to switch it up.

“ To the whole class”- Alright one more time.

“ To the whole class”- Alright that’s it, when you’re playing defense make sure you’re staying

low and keep one hand down and one hand up.