Abiding Grace Lutheran Church

Council Meeting

December  5, 2010

Attendees:  Nick Billardello, Kenn Mingus, Patti Langsdale, Nolan Clemens, Phil Hart, John Nelson, Jeff Trang, Carl Christensen, Kim Haggerty, Donn Renwick, Susie Henning,  Don Duvall, Kim Saunders

Absent:  Tim Draney

Nick opened with devotion and prayer at 12:15  

Thank you to Jeff for lunch.


Committees – Council Liaisons – Kenn

We want council members to be liaisons to each committee.  If you need to find a chair of that committee, then step up to that position.

Worship and Music Committee

        Altar Guild, Choir, Special Music, Hymn selection, etc.

        Patti suggested that Altar Guild does not need to be part of Worship and Music.  Some discussion followed.  John mentioned that it is more for budgeting purpose.  We have five people that want to be on Worship and Music.  Jeff Trang will be the Worship and Music liaison.

        Tonya Tomlin is over Altar Guild and Sue Dalbout is over choir/music.  

Christian Education

        Sunday School , Youth, Nursery

        Pat Mingus will be involved with Christian Education through the school year.  Patti will be the liaison for CE.

Membership/Member Care      

        John Nelson will be liaison.

Volunteer Coordination            

Worship Assistant Scheduling

Worship Assistant Scheduling coordination for worship assistants could be under Worship & Music. Phil will be the head of volunteer coordination.

 Missions and Fellowship

Monthly activity designation, partner activity, special events

Kim Haggerty will be liaison.

Stewardship Development & Property

        Donn Renwick will be liaison.  Donn will report back if this committee needs to be broken down into more committees.

Other committees

Mutual Ministry - Kenn suggests that Tim Draney will be the liaison.  

Audit & Finance – Nolan will be liaison.

Treasurer Report and Discussion

Nolan explained the form of the “Cash Receipts and Disbursements Summary” report.  He designed it as the IRS expects it to be.  Most of our budget is in direct program services.  We do not have a youth ministry committee and it is in one of the direct program services.  Phil mentioned that youth ministry is under Christian Education but does think that it needs funds budgeted in 2011.  

Donn Renwick asked about the value of the gifts we collect each month for things collected for other services such as GRACE.  Nolan mentioned that most non-profits don’t report gifts in kind, but we it would show the extent of ministries that we are doing in the community.  Patti mentioned that we have a form that people could leave with Nolan with the dollar amount.  Phil doesn’t think we should do this.  The gifts in kind on the report are for when someone buys communion wine, etc for Abiding Grace.  We shouldn’t worry about the amount.  

As visitors come to visit and they see youth as a line item on our budget, it shows youth involvement. Tonya has said that she wants to be involved in the youth program.

Nolan presented that cash receipts and disbursement summary.  Carl will present this each time we meet.  There is a more detailed report available if requested.  

We do have some money in restricted contributions.  At the present time, we have some money restricted for use in Christian Education.  

2011 Budget Plan and Timetable – Nolan

Nolan went over the budget for 2011.  We should have receipts of $161,800.  We are going to solicit more grants.  Trinity Lutheran in Fort Worth has given us a grant of $1000 for this year and hopes to give us $3000 next year.  ELCA will grant us $5000.  In the amount of $161,800 there is $12,000 designated gifts and $10,000 of grants.  Kenn mentioned that we shouldn’t include this $22,000 in income.  Nolan will adjust the budget taking out the $10,000 designated gifts and memorials.  The “other grants” of $10,000 will be changed to ELCA of $5,000.  

In taking some of the grant money out, we need to cut other areas to have a balanced budget.  Patti thinks we have too much budgeted for Christian Education.  Jeff suggested that council liaisons meet with committees to get input from the committees.  The liaisons should meet with committees by January 2nd so that we will have their input for the budget by our next meeting on January 9th.

Don and John also mentioned that we should set goals.  Perhaps the committees should come back with two numbers, an amount that the committee needs and a wish list.  Jeff suggested that each committee have a mission statement that dovetails with AGLC’s mission statement.

All the liaisons need a “need to make things happen” budget and a budget with things they would really like.  

Phil suggested that we have a certain number of days of cash on hand in the bank so that we have a cushion.  

Kim H. asked about the growth since the inception.  Most of the member families joined during Charter month.  

The executive committee will work with Nick on his compensation package.  

Assistant Treasurer

Nolan needs someone to work with him so that he can have a backup.  We also need someone with access to the checking account.  Donn Renwick will be the assistant treasurer.

Youth Council representation

Jeff asked if we need youth involvement in council.  He has seen this in other churches and thinks it is a good idea.  Do we give the nominating committee some guidance on the position?  We can make a motion at the congregational meeting to add a youth member.

Motion to bring this up at the annual meeting was made and seconded.  

Congregational Directory Status – Kim H/John

We are about 50% done with pictures.  Some people are waiting until their college kids come home to get their pictures done.  

Congregation Status - Update on New Ministry Profile team   - Patti/Jeff

Patti and Jeff met with Steve Kanouse last month and went through the lengthy document.  They are meeting next week to work more on it.  This is the document to send to the ELCA to go to the next step.  We will either be the mission status or a congregation.  If we can afford to stand alone then we can be a

Time and Talent Review

John has compiled the time and talent and will add more as they come in.  He mentioned that we need to outreach to people who have volunteered to serve.

Bumper Sticker

Patti presented a bumper sticker idea.  If we ordered 250 they would be $3.50 each.  They would be 3” x 11.5”.  Perhaps we should spend our money more wisely.  Nick is going to seek an alternate to that and will report on it at the next meeting.

Facility update – Phil

When Sally first found the school, they mentioned that the rent would be $3000 per month and Sally mentioned that we couldn’t afford that.  They gave us 6 months at $1500.  Our lease is about to run out.  They have now proposed $2500 per month.  We could ask for 12 months with a locked in price.  We could ask for a lease of $2000 per month.  We could also ask for additional services such as Lent, Good Friday, and Maundy Thursday to be included in the package.  Their lease agreement does not authorize us to use the sound system, that agreement was verbal; we would like to put this in the lease.  

They are happy to have us.  Their tuition was down this year due to the economy.  

John suggested that if we ask for $2000 we would still pay more for extra services.  Don Duvall asked what our rent includes.  It includes Sunday morning, use of table and chairs, storage for Sunday School and kitchen items.  

Susie also wants to have an agreement with the school about a piano.  

Phil suggests that we ask for $2000 per month for 12 months and that we will pay $100 an hour for extra services.  If that isn’t agreeable, we could go for $2000 for six months and $2500 after that.

John motioned and Don Duvall seconded that Phil will negotiate with the school with a $2500 cap per month.

New Business

Nick has a behavioral interview on Tuesday which is the next step in the process to be a mission developer. Erik Gronberg of Trinity Lutheran Church will coach Nick; he is a certified ministry coach.  

We need to figure out how to keep the excitement level about AGLC up.  Eric will help Nick set goals.  Perhaps we could set a date of when we will start having two services.  If we are going to have a second service, we need to plan for it months ahead of time.  It is easy to get comfortable instead of continuing to grow.  Kim H. mentioned how important fellowship between the services is so that we have a sense of community.  We need to know that is where we are going and plan ahead for it along with fellowship opportunities.

John Nelson – the Lutheran Magazine – we can get a subscription for members in the church for $8.00 per year.  

John – communications such as a newsletter.  This would be under member care committee.  We need a consolidated way to get announcements.  Announcements for the bulletin have to be in to Nick by Monday. John is going to close the lt@abidinggracedfw.org and we need to be using council@abidinggracedfw.org

Nick asked for business cards.  Yes, we will get him some.

Jeff said that we need to set a date for Nick’s installation.  Nick will be ordained at his home church in Michigan.

Closing prayer

Susie closed with a wonderful prayer at 2:07pm