The dawn of our 2016-17 school year!

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Bell Schedules


Student Online Resources

 Student Applications Single Sign-on

​There’s a new single sign-on option for students where they will be able to access many of our programs by logging in one time to one place. Please read the information below for the new simplified process of accessing Istation, TTM, Raz-Kids, Lexia,, and Google Apps.

Programs currently linked

Students may still log in directly to these program sites using the program's usernames, but we recommend the single sign-on option for ease of use and so students do not have to remember many different login credentials and sites to navigate to.

*Important note about Raz-Kids:

Learning A-Z, the company that provides Raz-Kids, is working on cleaning up some current errors causing teachers to not have access. Teachers must set up student online classroom before students log into Raz-Kids through Clever!

*Important note about Istation:

If Istation doesn't launch, you'll need to double check that you have the Istation Chrome app added on Chrome, or the Istation iPad app loaded and updated on the iPad.

Logging in

Students will go to our Clever Portal,, preferrably using Chrome.

5-12 Student log in with their Google credentials (ex.

Ease of Clever Portal site access

We're working on getting this added to the learning links page on the district website, but you may want to create a shortcut for the link on your student device(s). Here are directions on how to do that for your iPad/tablet, and on Chromebooks/laptops/computers, all you need to do is drag and drop the url to the desktop:

Beyond the Bell Program

Parent/Student Digital Textbook Access Directions (click here)

Vocabulary Resources

Student Showcase