12. La Paz

“Feasible” and “Prefeasible” Projects are highlighted in yellow.

B.5. Renewable Energy (Private Hydro Power Generation)

ENE501: Puringla Sazagua Hydroelectric Central


US$ 27,829,801




Municipality of Santiago de Puringla, Department of La Paz

Description: The Sazagua Puringla Hydroelectric Project is a project of electricity generation through a rational and ecological use of water. The work is a typical hydroelectric plant by water derivation and edge, i.e. using the topographic elevation and the water of the rivers Sazagua and Puringla without regulating the runoff for power generation.

 The project consists of two works in the catchment area of the Sazagua and Puringla rivers. The waters will be conducted through two separate channels to the loading chamber or pressure tank and from there to the powerhouse through a pressure or forced line, where the installed equipment will generate electricity.

This project is privately owned and COMPAÑIA ELECTRICA CENTROAMERICANA is the company in charge of the management; its partners and owners have had a project with a 3200MW/hr generating capacity, for five years in Ilama, Santa Bárbara, Honduras, with highly satisfactory results.

D.1. Infrastructure (Road Concessions)

INF106: Concession of the Construction, Operations and Maintenance of the Logistics Corridor of Hond


US $ 284,446,381




Departments of Valle, La Paz, Comayagua y Cortés

Description: Construction, operation, improvement, and maintenance of the Logistic Route of Honduras, through a concession: a) Concession of the Inter-Oceanic Road CA1 - Goascorán - Villa de San Antonio (51 km long; Cost: US$ 152 Million). Currently the section from the Villa de San Antonio to the site called El Quebrachal is under construction; however, its concession would allow building the access roads. In the section to be built, from El Quebrachal to Goascorán, it is still necessary to finish the construction of the 4 lanes in the entire dry channel; b) Concession of the North Highway (CA-5) Section La Barca-Potrerillos-Pimienta (19.9 km long ; Cost: US$ 53.37 Million): current state, being rehabilitated and construction of the interchange/IDB. It requires additional extension to 4 lanes; and c) Interchange of Villanueva (CA-5) - San Pedro Sula - Choloma (48 Km Long; Cost: US$ 91 Million). The section has 2 lanes, however it is necessary to expand it to 4 lanes; it already has a Technical - Economic/IDB feasibility study.

The three prior projects make up the "Logistic Corridor". Goascorán - Puerto Cortés" in charge of the ICF for its concession through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), with an average daily traffic of 12,000 vehicles.