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My Students

Plymouth South High School

490 Long Pond Rd

Plymouth, MA 02360

December 18th, 2012

Dear Students,

Introduction - This is where you explain what your paper was about and what important ideas you focused on. Briefly outline the big ideas of your paper and explain its intellectual success. Reflect on how it was to read two books at once - something I assume you haven’t done before! In one sentence, give an overall reason why you succeeded during this unit.

Strengths Paragraph: Reflect on your successes for this paper. It was the first full analytical process that we went through - how did you do with the process and the product? Refer to the process you went through specifically (flip through that wonderful stack of papers you’re about to hand in!). Talk about what worked for you and explain why. Focus on your strengths, and how they helped you. Conclude on a sentence that sums up how you felt about this process.

Struggles Paragraph: How / why did you struggle during this whole paper, or what challenges did you feel? Did you overcome them? How? This is a space for an honest reflection - you need to demonstrate you can constructively criticize your work. Conclude on a sentence that sums up your struggles on a thoughtful note.

Conclusion - Bringing everything together in a conclusion. Include any last notes about what you’ve learned about yourself, perhaps throw in a joke, or tell me what you’re doing over break. This is the last thing I’ll read before your paper - consider what tone you want to set!


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