Errata found by Sebastien Bratieres and the “Vienna Reading Group”

Italics = fixed by KPM. Please add new errata at the end of each section so I know what to focus on.

Chap 13

Chap 14

Chap 19

[I think it should be

$\vSigma^{-1} = \vW$,  $\vmu \defeq  \vSigma \vb$,

and  $c \defeq \half \vmu^T \vSigma^{-1} \vmu$ -- KPM]

Chap 20

Chap 21

Chap 23

Chap 24

Chap 25

Chap 26

Chap 27

Typos (italics = fixed by KPM)