Thank you for taking the time to review the candidates for the National Republican Convention that will take place in Tampa this August.  My primary objective at the convention will be to nominate the strongest candidate that will remove Barack Obama from office. With the recent withdrawal of Rick Santorum from the race, the current front runner is clearly Mitt Romney.  I will back him 100%.

I have an intense passion for our party and for our success this year.  I bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the conservative principles that define us, both socially and fiscally. I feel that fresh faces and energy are what will drive us to victory. We need to emphasize reaching out to the undecided and unaffiliated voter.  They represent the most persuasive population and if successful they will help determine the November outcome. In Colorado the unaffiliated voter constitutes more than 30% of registered voters.  We need to hit the streets, we need grass roots effort.  We need to target the younger population and bring our campaign into the 21st century with social media, and targeted efforts to university campuses and pop culture events. Consider a fresh face as your delegate to attend  the National Convention.  Consider a vote for Sandra Do.  I will not let you down!!