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The Attendance module allows you to track attendance within Moodle ISU and assign a grade in the gradebook.  Instructors can determine the points for present, late, tardy, excused or other attendance criteria.

This guide will help you to:

Adding an Attendance activity

  1. Turn Editing On. For more information on turning editing on, please see the Moodle ISU Overview.  
  2. Choose the week/topic block in which you wish to add the activity.
  3. Click on the Add an Activity or Resource link.  A box will appear showing you all activities and resources.

  1. Click on Attendance.

Note: It is recommended that you only add the attendance activity once per class.  

Set Attendance Categories and Grading Options

  1. Under the General section you can choose to rename the Attendance activity
  2. Then you will need to Select the Grade option.
  1. You can have any point grade from 1-100.
  2. You can Select No grade.
  3. You can also Select Scale: Satisfactory
  4. Or you can Select Scale: Separate and Connective Ways of Learning.

Note: for information on using scales in your gradebook, please contact ITRC.

Common Module Settings

This block sets how the activity interacts with groups and groupings, and to a lesser extent the grade book. For more information on groups and groupings, please see Groups and Groupings.

Restrict Access

This section sets the conditions under which students may interact with this activity. For more information on conditional release/restricting access, please see Conditional Release.

Activity Completion

This section sets the conditions under which Moodle ISU 2 will consider the activity to be complete. For more information on completion tracking, please see Activity Completion.

Add Sessions

You can add multiple attendance activities and multiples sessions per day.

  1. Click on the Attendance link in your course.  This will take you to the attendance activity you just created.


  1. To add class sections, Click the Add tab (second from left) at the top of the page.

  1. You have two options here, to add a single session or to add multiple sessions. To create multiple sessions Click the box next to Create multiple sessions.  The single session is one class session. Example would be if you have a guest lecture and you are requiring attendance on that one day.


  1. Choose the date for the first attendance session in the Session Date dropdown boxes.

  1. Select the Duration of the class.

  1. Enter the date for the last session you wish to add in the  Session End Date dropdown


  1. Select the days of the week on which the class meets.

  1. The final option, frequency
  1. If your class meets every week (typical schedule) then you want a frequency of 1 week which is the default.
  2. If your class meets every other week, then you want a frequency of 2 weeks.


  1. Click the Add session button to create the session(s).

Note: Once a session is created you can change the names of the attendance markers and the grade value of each one under the Settings Tab.

Set Attendance Grading Criteria

  1. To access the grading criteria, click on the setting tab.

  1. To add an acronym, description and grade for the attendance variables enter the data in the blank column and click on add.

  1. To delete a criteria click on the X icon under the action column.

Note: To hide a variable click on the eye symbol in the action column.

Take Attendance

  1. Click on the Attendance link in your course to open the attendance activity you just created.
  2. Under the Sessions tab you will see the class session that you have created. Click the circle take attendance button under the Actions column.

Note: Sessions where attendance has already been taken do not have the circle button, but instead you will see an arrow which will take you to the screen to modify the attendance record for that session.


Note: You can edit a session (change the date or add a description) with the standard Gear icon to the right of the session. To find past sessions which do not show on the screen, modify the list to display in order to see the sessions.

  1. You will now see a list of all your students; Next to their name is a P, L, E, A (unless you have changed the settings under the settings tab).  To mark a student present, late, excused or absent Click the radio button corresponding with the P, L, E, A.
  2. You can leave comments in the Remarks field.
  3. When you have finished entering the attendance, Click Save Attendance at the bottom of the page.


Note: when taking attendance, the column headings for attendance status are links. If you click one of these column headings, the status selected will be the same for all the students. If all the students are absent, click A to mark absent for everyone.

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