Bronyville Episode 082 - Friendship is Heresy

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 82 recorded on Saturday November 24th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Episode Discussion: S3E04 - One Bad Apple



Hi Bronyville plus guests,

I had to e-mail you this, because I believe that the fandom is really not looking at king Sombra in the right way. Out of all the villains so far he has the most detail, so far, it is also the most complex as well. But I'm jumping it a bit, so I will start at the beginning; lets look at the other villains in order, Nightmare moon:

she spent most of her form in the season 1 opener, as a cloud of smoke/mist, had  few lines not much and also turned into Luna (season one form, also known as Mary sue Luna). Back story wise she dint like how no pony stayed up late to look at her night, not the best but not the worst back story for a villain.

Discord, spent most of his episodes more or less "Q'ing" it up and just being... chaos incarnate, to be fair, he dint get all 6 of the elements of harmony to go against what they stand for, before just sitting there and taking an blast of magic to the face. Back story...he's the god of chaos and disharmony, not really much of a back story as we think, his back story is pretty much 1-dimensional in this aspect, but makes up for it with his personality.

Queen Chrysalis, she invaded another country for her species, got princess Celestia, Shinning Armour, Spike and  5 of the elements of harmony and Twilight's best friends to go against their her. She then beat princess Celestia in a fight and was only defeated due to thinking she won and not knowing (like all of us) about the "elements of love" (<-Not touching that subject till its mentioned in the show). Back story, she had to feed her whole nation of subjects and did so by trying to steal or by other method, the love energy from ponies.

Best one so far since before her it's "Why will no one give me respect" and "I'm the god of chaos, deal with it".

Now King Sombra: He spent most of his episode as a cloud of smoke/mist, he stop shinning Armour from using magic, loses a horn, no trouble grows it back while the old one dissolves and forms into evil crystals. After getting into the empire he has made all the crystal ponies go back to the fearful state they were in before the 1'000 year time lock. Gets beat by a dragon riding a alicorn and a nation of ponies that comes together uses powerful magic to make him explode (apart from his horn). Now back story, he is an unicorn gone evil "who's heart was as black as night", took down an entire empire on his own. Then made them all his slaves and installed fear into there very soul, so much so that they can't think back to the before times of his ruler ship of the lands. He got into a fight with two alicorn princess that locked him in a form of shadow and also to the frozen north. Then in turn he time locks the Chrystal empire.

Okay if you look at all villains so far, he has the biggest and longest description of back story and the shortest word count with him just laughing and saying a few words. Now to ask an important question: "Why does no one beside me and one of my friends see this, and no one else does?".

Sorry for this rant, and the really long word count. But for what it's worth i can see why people don't get him.

So I'm going to end it here, with a thanks for reading this and also that Spike is best pony and I'm not scared to say this i have now cred once again to Spike, that door scene man, I was in tears.

Your faithful listener, Zach

P.S. Me at buck with some fellow bronies, I'm the guy in black

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and guest(s),

The question I have for you is about something not exclusive to Friendship is Magic, but nevertheless something I just don't understand: shipping. I can't say I've ever been a fan of romantic stories, but romance alone doesn't automatically turn me away from a good tale. However, nothing ruins a good fanfic faster for me than shipping does. I have read several fanfics that seemed like good ideas for stories, only for partway through to find out Twilight and Rainbow Dash got married along the way or something. It's hard enough dealing with fanon or ponies acting out of character. Forcing romance into stories where it doesn't belong just ruins things.

Part of it is that I just don't "get" shipping. For one thing, the show barely even has romance. I can kind of understand shipping if a series completely revolves around romance (How I Met Your Mother, for example), but in MLP it's so far from your standard plot that it just feels forced. Heck, Hearts and Hooves day kind of showed how creepy and out of character the cast would have to be for such a romance to even happen.

I'd like to say that I'm okay with shipping as long as it stays far away from me, but when it shows up in fanworks that I'd otherwise be interested in, I just feel disturbed. I'm really interested in writing and contributing to the fandom, but shipping makes me feel really out of place. Could you try to explain this phenomenon to me?

-Big Bob

 Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night and guests.

                 I love listening to your show during school because i have awesome teachers who let us listen to "Da Musics" during tests so i put you guys on (And constantly get caught laughing)

Anyways, What is the BEST fic you've ever read? (no cheating AC!!)

On the topic of fic, i would like to suggest me own, A Wing's Beat on FIMFiction

 Your faithful listener, DJ-WingBeat.

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Dear Princess Celestia,

This week Sandy, JJ, Pixelkitties, and myself has some serious business to handle. It’s all about creativity and how that all ties into the discussion of content, creation, and the dreaded R34. Add in a discussion about the new episode ‘One Bad Apple’ along with fandom news, emails, and One Cool Things.


Apple Cider

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