These are the voyages of the sailing ship White Ibis. Its multi-year mission: to explore strange new parts of this world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where numerous navigators, cartographers and pilot-guide authors have gone before.

2015 Dec Learning, thinking, practicing, looking

2016 Jan Survey and purchase

2016 Feb First Trip

2016 Mar Out of the water

2016 Apr Ready to go back in

2016 May Beginning our life afloat

2016 Jun Cornwall and back, and more repairs

2016 Jul Penzance, without pirates.

2016 Aug Biscay and beyond

2016 Sept Canaries

2016 Oct More Canaries

2016 Nov The crossing, and landfall

2016 Dec Winding down in Barbados; Christmas and New Year

2017 Jan leaving Barbados, to Martinique for a week with friends, then Antigua with family

2017 Mar Mellowing in Antigua

2017 Jun Landfall in USA

2017 Jul New England

2017 Aug Heading to NY, and up the Delaware river

2017 Sep to Annapolis in Chesapeake Bay

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