Why I believe I have a teaching role in the New Paradigm

by Karen

A new way of being is coming to Planet Earth. I feel that I am on a path to have a teaching role in this New Paradigm. I feel that this is my calling due several aspects of my life journey and capacities. One aspect is that my "normal" life hasn't exactly been "normal." I have been through difficult experiences that have given me a wealth understandings about people and life. Also, throughout all my life, even when I was very young, I did not just go through experiences, but had an "observer" mode in the back of my mind that helped me know much more about what was going on than just on the face of things. I translated this capacity into becoming a home educator, giving my children a chance to learn outside the current educational system. Currently, I'm more aware that I have always had the ability to make connections between very different sets of information and to think multidimensionally. These capacities have been accelerating in the last few years and coelescing into a coherent understanding that will be useful for myself and others.

I will be able to draw from my life of "not normal" experiences. I was born with eye problems that had me legal blind at one point (I'm now much better), so I've had to understand things by other means than just what I see in front of me. I have had other health problems growing up that meant "downtime" where I was able to read and absorb a lot of information. I had a troubled long-term marriage where I experienced verbal and physical abuse and felt I had to stay in it due to religious programming, but later escaped rather dramatically and survived. One of my children was severely disabled and I cared for her for 20 years and I shared in the perspective of those who are stigmatized by society. As I struggled in my life and for my loved ones, I observed primarily how our consensus reality benefits only a few a the top. I observed how people mostly operate assuming that there is some kind of ladder of valuation where some people are "up there" and others "down there" and how harmful that thinking is. I observed how most human systems were organized for the sake of control, not for the betterment if it's participants. All these experiences meant that these lessons were not just mentally learned, but carved into my soul.

Another aspect which convinces me that I have information to share has been the gift of observer mode. As far back as I can remember having my own thoughts, I've always had a running "narration" of extra information popping into my head as situations unfolded. I explain it as like that show, "Pop-up Video" where information and factoids just came into my head. With the extra information, I could learn more from nearly any situation that unfolded. Often, this information has been useful to others. I've had many people come back and tell me that I said prophetic things or profound things that affected their lives later. I attracted attention in school early on from this ability and was the subject of uncomfortable attention. My parents took me out of public school and that experience taught me to be silent and not tell everything I know. Now that I can fact check with the internet on many knowledge points, I realize that I have more of an ability for this than I have realized before, and know that the dark side worked very hard to make me doubt my own intuitive abilities over the years. Now I understand things much better and trust my own judgement more about what I know and believe.

My first chance to be a teacher came when I had children. I home educated my three kids and gave them the space to learn how to learn, to explore who they were and learn by the methods that fit their learning styles, and exhibited being an independent thinker. I think I learned just as much from them, as their lives and their spirits showed me things I could see through their eyes.

The current path I'm on gives me the feeling I will continue into a teaching role for new paradigm understandings as I go on. I have always had a way with words, painting word pictures and using humor to cross barriers of mis-understanding. I can plant a seed in the mind very well and see, within the confines of a single conversation sometimes, that the person has considered something new and different just because I have conversed with them. In my own thinking, I'm finally closing in on a "unified theory" of understanding of my own beliefs from my own perspective which, alas, aren't tremendously valued to somebody who just wants to be the way everybody else is. However, for somebody who wants to start understanding and resonate with what the new paradigm will be, I have valuable insights and clues to what that  way of life might be like.

Being a New Paradigm teacher would be very exciting for me as I can use situations and lessons learned in my not-so-normal life to illustrate and teach. I can share with others that when they are in observer mode of their own life, or intuition is giving them more information than just by approved methods, that it's a good thing and can be valuable. I would love to share with others as our human minds burst out of the box we are in and allow ourselves to enter the full capacities of our minds and spirits. I would love to be a teacher to those who need to be validated in their growing capacities.