OAuth as the core Internet identity protocol


Don Thibeau (Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation and Open Identity Exchange) & Kick Willemse (OpenID Foundation Board Member and CEO of Prooflink) - Video & Slides

Mike Jones (Microsoft) - Video & Slides

Description: A high level overview of the protocol, and an explanation of why major technology companies have standardized on it including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.  We will also discuss how the functionality of the OpenID v2 protocol has been reimplemented on top of OAuth to create OpenID Connect.  The session will also discuss the security problems of websites that run their own password based login systems.

Identity Management services/tools and privacy services


Philip Stradling (Microsoft) - Video &  Slides

Patrick Harding (CTO, Ping Identity) - Video & Slides

Description: While OAuth is the main protocol for new Internet identity systems, most companies still need to deal with a mix of other protocols, including their own internal sign on system across the different parts of their website, as well as for employee single sign on. Learn about services/tools to bridge those gaps, as well as the privacy features of those services.

Using Social Login to get more out of logins then just an email


Patrick Salyer (CEO, Gigya) - Video & Slides

Vidya Shivkumar (Director of Products, Janrain) - Video & Slides

Description: While logins used to just be about email and password, there is now the potential to do much more using popular consumer identity providers such as Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Live, etc.  This session will discuss the success many websites have already had with this model.

Improving the user experience of sign-in using an Account Chooser

Speaker: Eric Sachs (Senior Product Manager, Identity, Google) - Video & Slides

Description: Google and other sites have started to roll out a new login experience called an Account Chooser.  Get an overview of how it works, and learn why companies like Google are making this change.  The session will also explain why it is so much easier for a website to add support for identity providers (both consumer and enterprise) after first deploying an account chooser.


Trust Frameworks


Philip Stradling (Senior Program Manager, Identity, Microsoft) - Video & Slides

Andrew Nash (Director of Product Management, Identity, Google) - Video & Slides

Description: How do websites know which identity providers to trust, and visa versa? Also learn how governments are using the same techniques discussed at this conference to engage with citizens online.

Strong authentication and identity verification


Eric Sachs (Senior Product Manager, Identity, Google) - Video & Slides

Ingo Friese (R&D project manager, Deutsche Telekom AG; Telekom Innovation Laboratories) - Video & Slides

Description: Hear how large consumer websites like Google are using mobile phones today in addition to passwords.  Learn how you can confirm attributes about a user on your website such as name, address, etc. This session will describe the working groups in the Open Identity Exchange that are focused on this topic, and will include demonstrations of live systems.